Sunday, 3 September 2017

So Sad When A Vile Person Dies

I've lost a few friends and acquaintances this past few weeks. Dear Charley Marouani, Barbara's manager and the man who opened so many doors for me...when Charley died, part of me died with him. Jeanne Moreau. Mireille Darc. And poor Ludovic Chancel, who was not blessed with the nicest of mothers.

I cry when those whom I care about die. Occasionally, though, there is the demise that makes by heart beat wildly with joy, when I am able to shout out, 'Thank God for that!' Today was one of those occasions. An occasion when Mrs. B and Master B shouted 'Thank God for that!' in unison.

I will not mention the name of this hideously vituperative female who has curled her toes in foreign climes, save that she was older than us, and that Cocteau may hold the clue, though bonne she certainly was not. This creature created a furore a few years ago by writing that, not only was I languishing in jail, but that Mrs. B was in fact my mother, and that our son was autistic because he was the product of an incestuous relationship. Therefore am I glad that she is dead? You bet I am!

Only yesterday I was checking through Death List 2017. This is a list of fifty personages predicted to cash in their chips this year. Many of them are very old, therefore it's inevitable that the Grim Reaper is prowling around their boudoir. Some are not. As of yesterday, ten of the fifty have departed this life.

Two years ago, my Death Wish List amounted to just seven names, As of today, only three remain. Karma has been very kind to me of late. Let's hope that she keeps up her good work...

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