Saturday, 17 June 2017

Is Owen Jones An Enemy Of The State?

Without Prejudice
Personally, I think that he is. This man's behaviour since the general election, and particularly in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, has been nothing short of reprehensible.

We don't yet know how many people perished in that fire. We don't know exactly how it started, or who is responsible. This is why they are holding a public enquiry, while the tabloids speculate about exploding fridges and illegal cladding.

Owen Jones blames the tragedy on the government...not the one who was in power when the flats were built, but the one who is in power now. He has launched a campaign to oust our elected Prime Minister, Theresa May. As Alex Deane said just now on the news, the "Owen Jones" of this world are in so many words accusing Mrs. May of arson.

Owen Jones is a revolutionary. He has always been possessed of two non-qualities: an over-sized ego, and a head the size of a gasometer. And with a mouth to match. He is a Labour supporter, therefore to his blinkered way of thinking, anything the Conservatives do is tantamount to heinous crime.

He has been organising rallies and protests left, right and centre. Yesterday there was one outside a church, for goodness' sake. Today, he has reached the zenith of puerility. After gurning while clutching a "clean up" feather duster, he has advertised a protest he has organised to take place in Downing Street. "Bring your families and friends," he pleaded. So yes, the reward for dozens of people dying in a fire...the recompense for THEIR families and friends, is Owen Jones' Family Outing. I'm surprised this odious little man didn't set up a stall selling popcorn.

But his protest did not end there. Adding to the unwanted mayhem, and I don't doubt to the grief of those families who were invited to Number 10 today, was a pathetic sideshow within which a hideous drag-queen was "singing" seditious songs about Theresa May to a whooping, I should say inebriated crowd. What a pity that this loathsome creature did not topple of its high-heels and break its neck.

I confess that Mrs. May took her time speaking to relatives of those lost in the tragedy, but this does not mean that she was not thinking about them, that her heart is in the right place and that she was working behind the scenes to help them. She has only just one week ago emerged from a general election. She had just returned from official duties in France, and was putting together a cabinet. Owen Jones' mouth may be all over the place right now, but Mrs. May can only do one thing at a time.

I don't doubt that Mr. Jones will keep up his vile campaigning, just as I do not doubt that this will lead to a great deal of civil unrest in the coming weeks on account of this modern-day Jack Cade with a mouth and ego the size of Wales, and few grey cells governing. I am certain that any day now we will be turning on the news to see our hard-stretched police forces out in droves, clutching shields and wielding batons while being attacked by yobs who are daft enough to listen to this mouthy clown.

Let's hope then that someone arrests him before then.