Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Sun "Newspaper" and "Benidorm": Reaching A New Level of Stupidity

The Sun newspaper, aka The Katie Price & McCann Hourly News, has plunged to the nether depths of stupidity once more.

On Benidorm, that wonderful character Joyce Temple Savage, played by the equally wonderful Sherrie Hewson, observed of a high-pitched, not very handsome karaoke singer that he had "the voice of a thirteen-year-old girl and a face like a dropped pie." We all roared with laughter at the series' funniest episode yet.

Now, the Sun~famed for digging the dirt on recently-deceased celebrities, and hounding the likes of Justin Fashanu to suicide but for writing persistent bullshit about missing children's grieving families, talentless women with big tits who have had more men than Mary Millington, and druggie soap-stars who really do have faces like dropped pies~is accusing Benidorm of mocking disabled people. "They are mocking people with cleft palates," barks Paul Revoir.

Mr. Revoir~might I suggest it should be au-revoir~clearly belongs to that school of "journalists" who would be incapable of writing their initials in the snow. Sherrie Hewson was doing no such thing, you silly gawp! Neither she nor the millions of viewers would have noticed "the cleft palate" if you hadn't pointed it out~ and don't you think the actor doing the crooning would have been shown the script?

So, why don't you stick to writing about what you know? Which happens to be not much...

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