Saturday, 8 April 2017


Currently there are TWO biographies of Dorothy Squires on the market: the one by me (above) published at the end of last year, and the one by another of Dot's close friends, Johnny Tudor, published by The History Press this month.

I am condemning The History Press for promoting their book as "the first ever biography of Dorothy Squires". It is not. My book pre-empted theirs by four months. Also I am curious as why they have used some of the pictures that I used, though to be fair I have to say there aren't that many good pictures around. I am NOT, however, criticising Johnny or his work. Dot's fans have been starved for so long. They need to have BOTH books!

Let me say again that I applaud Johnny for his work. No one has ever had a book published about Dorothy because, though she was revered by her fans, she was hated by what she called "The Establishment"~the press, and radio and television producers with whom she had a very fiery relationship, one which resulted in her being declared a vexatious litigant after 33 court cases, often for trifling matters. This did not however affect her abilities as a singer, quite possibly the finest British female singer who ever lived. Therefore two biographies, lovingly told, ARE better than none. I have not read Johnny's book yet, but I know that it will be excellent because he cared about her very much, and she him.

Dot sent me a copy of the script for her autobiography, Rain Rain Go Away because she wanted me to be her ghost-writer. I was willing to do this, but not one publisher in Britain wanted anything to do with her. Some of their comments were cruel. One ended their rejection letter with the words:

"...but I regret to say that I suspect that her fame is now as dead as she is."

Therefore, when I wrote my book, rather than breaching copyright and copying Dot's words verbatim, I stuck within the law and paraphrased. Dot's own words in the book come from our meetings and phone-calls, when I made extensive notes. This is what may make it different from any other, though as I say two heads are better than one.

What makes me happy is that two people close to Dot have written nice things about her...and this makes up for all the nasty things people said about her when she was alive. If only The History Press would get their facts right!


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