Saturday, 25 March 2017

"Give Dotty A Chance: An Insult To The Memory Of Dorothy Squires

I am appalled after listening to the unadulterated piece of shite that was Martyn Hesford's "Give Dotty A Chance", purporting to be a story about my great friend, Dorothy Squires. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that every one of Dot's friends who suffered listening to this fictitious crap agrees with me. Some years ago Johnny Tudor, one of Dot's friends, paid tribute to her by writing a play~a good play~ which starred Welsh actress Ruth Madoc.

Madoc also plays Dot in this one, broadcast yesterday on BBC Radio 4~not the Dot we knew well and loved, but a monster, a joke. The entire production was a catalogue of lies and a cruel piss-take from start to finish. The BBC even have the audacity to use one of MY pictures to promote this bile:

In 1979, Dot was NOT penniless and living in a caravan, in a back field in Surrey, and suffering the indignity of a chemical toilet. She was living three miles down the road from me.

Dot was NOT a drunk, and popping pills.

Two gay fans did NOT pester her into making a comeback, and Dot would never have treated any fans the way this demented caricature does. After portraying Dot so well in the Johnny Tudor play, Ruth Madoc should feel ashamed of herself for doing this. I guess you might say that with her own glory days behind her, she probably needs all the work she can get.

The playwright needs to get his facts right. Any genuine Squires fan will know that Dot's comeback concert, generally regarded as the greatest in her glittering career, took place at the London Palladium in December 1970...NOT 1979. Neither was her final concert in Brighton in 1991. It was 1990. Get your facts right, you bloody knucklehead!

What do police raiding gay nightclubs have to do with Dot? She was NEVER approached to participate in gay pride with this being her ONLY means of ever affecting a comeback. She adored her gay fans and would never have used them for gain. Between 1936 and 1990, she was never away from the spotlight. Neither would Dot have spoken about her gay fans in such a disparaging manner.

And why not use Dot's voice all the way through the programme, instead of someone who sounds like an inebriated, fourth-rate Hermione Gingold?

NONE of Dot's friends EVER heard her saying bad things about Roger Moore. She always spoke about him with great respect, and he supported her right until the very end.

Regarding the title: so far as we know, only Rod McKuen ever called her Dotty. She hated it!

Dot's shows ALWAYS sold out in record time. There was NEVER an instance when a promoter reported that only four tickets had sold for a concert.

Regarding the interview, Dot NEVER called anyone "darling", and hated anyone else using the word. Yes, she confessed to me that she disliked Lulu, but she would have never denounced her so nastily and publicly in an interview. Neither did she boast about herself in radio interviews in the way that this pathetic caricature does. NO interviewer would have got away with treating her with the disrespect that this woman does. NO radio station would have allowed such rudeness.

The scene where Dot gets drunk and has a punch-up displays the playwright's crass ignorance, despicable cruelty, and an ability to lie more profoundly than he has until now. in this dreadful play. Thankfully, Dorothy Squires the star will remain in our memories, loved and respected, long after this buffoon has been forgotten.

In short, the ENTIRE production is puerile and disgusting. It can be aptly described in just one word...VOMIT.

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