Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Thousands Of Street Parties For Jo Cox? Who Was She, The Queen Of England?

Don't get me wrong, the lady should not be forgotten, if you're interested in remembering someone who courted controversy throughout her political career. There's no excuse for what that man did to her, but one must get these things into perspective.

Even our beloved Queen, when her time comes, will not be afforded such pomp and circumstance as a politician who, despite the tragedy which befell her, does not deserve to be placed on a pedestal when many, many others have died just as needlessly, brutally and dramatically.

Where were all the street parties for Lee Rigby and Jill Dando? What about those poor souls captured by terrorists and savagely beheaded? Are these people of less importance than a woman who, many believe, brought about her own woes by sticking her nose where it clearly didn't belong?

What next for Jo Cox, after the dozens of tribute events after her death when there were none for more deserving folk...a petition to have her beatified?

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