Friday, 20 January 2017

Donald Trump: A Very Moving Inauguration Speech

Stupid people! A picture of an anti-Trump rally held today in Leeds.
As if these buffoons are going to make any difference. I don't see them protesting about the thousands of unwanted, layabout, benefit-searching migrants flooding into our county. I expect to lose a few FB friends for this, but I found Trump's speech intensely moving. I would like to hope that he's being sincere, given his many culpabilities in the past, but as one of the leading lights of Brexit (had dog-muck rubbed all over the windows to prove it) I share his views about immigration, and about looking after one's own.

The US and the UK have interfered far too much in other countries' problems. We give millions in foreign aid to countries who waste many more millions on arms and space projects while letting their people starve. Charity begins at home, and once we--and the US--have put our own houses in order, that's the time to think about others. Otherwise the only thanks we get is to have them come over here and blow us up. I lost friends in the Paris attacks, and feel strongly about letting any Tom, Dick or Harry into the country so that they can bleed our welfare system and our NHS dry.

If Trump IS sincere, and if he HAS put the past behind him and is looking forward only to a better future, than I applaud him and only wish we had someone over here to sort out OUR mess. If he's bluffing, of course, that's another matter...

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