Tuesday, 3 January 2017

David Bret vs Chantry Vets Wakefield: Alleged Misconduct: Unbiased Report

 Chantry Vets; Miss Birgit Nordmann MRCVS & Ms Lisa Flood MRCVS

Without Prejudice
Bozzy, who died last April after being prescribed Tramadol by veterinary surgeon Birgit Nordmann, of Chantry Vets, Wakefield.

The RCVS has exonerated her of malpractice and negligence, a decision which I will bide by, though I do not agree with it.

The only discrepancy in our statements was that Ms Nordmann claimed that she had prescribed Bozzy 50 mg tablets because I had told her that I could not afford the lesser, more expensive dosage. I confirm that cost was never discussed. There is however a lesson to be learned by other pet owners:

NEVER let your pet take Tramadol without first studying the facts, and of how dangerous this drug is. Imagine, if it is this dangerous to a 50-pound dog, what damage it might do if accidentally taken by a child.

Further action, however, IS being taken against Lisa Flood, whose efforts to protect her colleague resulted (along with those of a Spanish vet who may no longer be at Chantry Vets) in a statement which has been proved to be little more than a catalogue of lies, some of which were exposed by her own attachments to her statement. This vet was arrogant, rude and uncaring, not the kind of person that I would entrust any pet to. 

Though I hold no grudge against Ms Nordmann, I would be very happy if Ms Flood's name was struck off the Veterinary Register for the blatant lies she told at this most distressing time.

This is all that I have to say, other than that if she is exonerated, further action will be taken.

For twelve years, we had no problem whatsoever with Chantry Vets. When it was a small outfit, the staff were sincere, helpful and kindness itself. Expansion has done the owners, vets themselves and fantastic people, no favours. The sub-vets they employ are not people that I would trust, ever again. In my experience and personal opinion they are arrogant, heartless, untruthful, and unfit for duty.

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