Thursday, 26 January 2017

Chantry Vets Wakefield: Further Action Being Taken

Without Prejudice

This is Bozzy, our beautiful dog who died just after this picture was taken, last April, as a result of being prescribed Tramadol by Chantry Vets of Wakefield.

Chantry Vets is essentially a good practice. We took our dogs and cats there for twelve years before this tragedy. Sadly, in every barrel there are bound to be a couple of rotten apples.

It has already been established that Birgit Nordmann, the vet who prescribed the drug, claimed that she acted in good faith. I do not agree with the excuses she made in her statement, but I will let this go for now.

What I do NOT accept is the tissue of lies spun by Ms Nordmann's colleagues, Serrano and Lisa Flood, while trying to protect Ms Nordmann from a potential court case. Serrano did NOT advise me about anything. He called and spoke to me for all of two minutes, after which I politely excused myself and hung up because I could not understand one word of his very bad English. Lisa Flood for her part was rude, and downright nasty. In her statement she seems to be obsessed with the fact that I quibbled with her over fees. I never discussed fees with ANYONE. In the twelve years that we used Chantry Vets, we NEVER quibbled over fees, so why say that we did so now. You are LYING, Ms Flood, which is why I am taking this matter further, and which explains why, after dismissing the case against Ms Nordmann, the RCVS took the case against you to the next level.
In my opinion, and without prejudice, you are unfit to be a vet because, in this case at least, you have proved yourself to be dishonest on more than one occasion. The same applies to Serrano.

In Ms Flood's sworn and signed statement, below, she is VERY definite in her claims what was said by her, what was said by me.. And obsessive about the fees. This is the statement she forwarded to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, with whom I lodged an official complaint.

Now, the RCVS, who have declared that medical negligence and misconduct did not take place, have per Ms Flood's latest statement, that one or both of us may have been suffering from memory loss.

Ms Flood, if you ARE going to lie, then do so consistently. As for memory loss, there was nothing wrong with your memory, it would appear, when you signed your statement. Unless of course you are suffering from early onset dementia as well as a very loud, very rude and annoying voice. You know EXACTLY what you said, which was why you were so adamant with those comments in your statement. Please don't start back-peddling now because it will only see you digging yourself into a deeper hole than the one you are in already.

And now, I guess, like Ms Nordmann you will say that my comments on social media are making your life a misery. Well, for whatever reason, because of that visit to Chantry Vets in Wakefield, our beloved Bozzy does not HAVE a life.

I will not mention you again here or on social media until after the next stage in the investigation into your conduct, so there will be no need for you to accuse me of bullying or harassment. However, should you wish to have me arrested, this will be fine by me because it will mean that I will be able to put my case against you to the court without spending any more money.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Donald Trump: A Very Moving Inauguration Speech

Stupid people! A picture of an anti-Trump rally held today in Leeds.
As if these buffoons are going to make any difference. I don't see them protesting about the thousands of unwanted, layabout, benefit-searching migrants flooding into our county. I expect to lose a few FB friends for this, but I found Trump's speech intensely moving. I would like to hope that he's being sincere, given his many culpabilities in the past, but as one of the leading lights of Brexit (had dog-muck rubbed all over the windows to prove it) I share his views about immigration, and about looking after one's own.

The US and the UK have interfered far too much in other countries' problems. We give millions in foreign aid to countries who waste many more millions on arms and space projects while letting their people starve. Charity begins at home, and once we--and the US--have put our own houses in order, that's the time to think about others. Otherwise the only thanks we get is to have them come over here and blow us up. I lost friends in the Paris attacks, and feel strongly about letting any Tom, Dick or Harry into the country so that they can bleed our welfare system and our NHS dry.

If Trump IS sincere, and if he HAS put the past behind him and is looking forward only to a better future, than I applaud him and only wish we had someone over here to sort out OUR mess. If he's bluffing, of course, that's another matter...

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buddy Greco: A Nasty, Nasty Man Towards Peggy Lee

Buddy Greco, who has curled his toes at the age of 90, was aside from Sacha Distel the vilest man I have ever had the misfortune to meet...and one who was rightly put in his place by Mrs. B, on account of his horrendous treatment of Peggy Lee, who I had the great privilege of knowing. Here's what I wrote about this creep in my autobiography:

The show was being filmed for television, and Peggy’s support act was Buddy Greco, an arrogant performer so full of himself, you wouldn’t believe it, and who just would not get off the stage! Not content with putting the audience in pain once and receiving little more than a lukewarm response when he messed up in a couple of songs, he insisted on returning to the platform to perform his entire set again—causing some irate spectators to vacate the building.

   It was late when Peggy came on, and she was amazing, making us cry with "Mr. Wonderful" and "Is That All There Is?" and closing the show with “I'll Be Seeing You”. When we went around to meet her afterwards, there was a flight of stairs going down to the stage door and from where we were standing we could just see the hem of her silver dress. Two men swaggered us—Buddy Greco's musicians.

   "She can't walk up the steps," one remarked.

   “Comes to us all, I guess,” the other said.

   And then a voice shot out from elsewhere—I assumed it could only have been Buddy Greco.

   “Tough shit! Let her fucking crawl up them, then!"

   As a singer, Buddy Greco may just about have got away with being deemed passable. As a man, in my opinion he left much to be desired, and each time I hear his name, I cringe. Jeanne let rip—and how! I think they were too stunned to respond, or maybe they didn’t quite catch her Yorkshire dialect! We went down to Peggy and later half-escorted, half-carried her to her car where she reached for the oxygen mask which was never far away from her in those days. We saw her again in Chicago, just before she left us.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

David Bret vs Chantry Vets Wakefield: Alleged Misconduct: Unbiased Report

 Chantry Vets; Miss Birgit Nordmann MRCVS & Ms Lisa Flood MRCVS

Without Prejudice
Bozzy, who died last April after being prescribed Tramadol by veterinary surgeon Birgit Nordmann, of Chantry Vets, Wakefield.

The RCVS has exonerated her of malpractice and negligence, a decision which I will bide by, though I do not agree with it.

The only discrepancy in our statements was that Ms Nordmann claimed that she had prescribed Bozzy 50 mg tablets because I had told her that I could not afford the lesser, more expensive dosage. I confirm that cost was never discussed. There is however a lesson to be learned by other pet owners:

NEVER let your pet take Tramadol without first studying the facts, and of how dangerous this drug is. Imagine, if it is this dangerous to a 50-pound dog, what damage it might do if accidentally taken by a child.

Further action, however, IS being taken against Lisa Flood, whose efforts to protect her colleague resulted (along with those of a Spanish vet who may no longer be at Chantry Vets) in a statement which has been proved to be little more than a catalogue of lies, some of which were exposed by her own attachments to her statement. This vet was arrogant, rude and uncaring, not the kind of person that I would entrust any pet to. 

Though I hold no grudge against Ms Nordmann, I would be very happy if Ms Flood's name was struck off the Veterinary Register for the blatant lies she told at this most distressing time.

This is all that I have to say, other than that if she is exonerated, further action will be taken.

For twelve years, we had no problem whatsoever with Chantry Vets. When it was a small outfit, the staff were sincere, helpful and kindness itself. Expansion has done the owners, vets themselves and fantastic people, no favours. The sub-vets they employ are not people that I would trust, ever again. In my experience and personal opinion they are arrogant, heartless, untruthful, and unfit for duty.