Thursday, 1 December 2016

Nancy Sphinctergritzel Spoofs Still Listed In The UK

The Nancy Sphinctergritzel spoof series ARE still available in the UK, the whole of Europe, and Japan. They have NOT been banned and removed from sale following a fake "landmark" court judgement in Italy, wherein I am supposed to have been found guilty of defamation and ordered to pay 800,000 euros in damages.

Neither will I be dictated to any more, by an elderly crackpot who shall remain nameless and who has hounded me for several years now because I happened to write that a certain actor liked cock.

Has this barm-pot actually posted PHOTOGRAPHS of the actual court documents, as opposed to howling that any (dis) interested parties look them up in the court archives? No, because no such documents exist. There never HAS been any court case.

There is NOTHING listed about me in ANY court records, no matter what this nutter says. Anybody with half a brain would realise that had there been such a "landmark" case, and with such a vast amount of money involved, it would have been all over the international press. Indeed, had I been found guilty of even half of the "crimes" this turnip says I have, I would be in jail.

Nancy Sphinctergritzel is NOT based on this deluded old fool, her name is NOT mentioned ANYWHERE in the books, and if she wants to identify with an 80-year-old homophobe with one eye, one leg shorter than the other, a pierced fanny, and who washes her feet in public by peeing on them, if she has had seven husbands who have all predeceased her, and seven children who have been removed from her care, if she can launch herself into space by holding a match to her fart gas...if she wants to identify herself with such a hideous creature, I don't suppose that I can stop her from having an even worse opinion of herself than we do. I guess there's no telling what obsession with one person can do to the limited grey cells of another!

Of course, if this wilted old lettuce really wants to stop Nancy's fame from spiralling around the world, then once she has PROVED that she and Nancy ARE the same person (which would mean coming to the UK , getting a British lawyer, and then standing up in a courthouse and reading out aloud any passages from the books she finds DO relate to her, whilst the entire public gallery honk with laughter) I guess she could get her lawyers to aim for another landmark court case which would involve over a hundred distribution networks around the globe. You only have to check out Amazon and E-bay to see how numerous these are. And if the Queen of England cannot stop sometimes filthy spoofs about a person who IS the Queen of England, then I am sure some elderly illiterate nobody, living in the back of beyond with someone just as barking bonkers as she is, is not going to stop a spoof about someone who, besides being in possession of the aforementioned attributes, would be 106 years old, were she alive today.

So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it while you're bleating your little bleached, prune-wrinkled head off on Twitter and your 845th Blog, or getting your little doggie to write your spiel on other sections of the social media! Well, you may take a little breather to call my local police station again for the umpteenth time, so that a few more people can laugh at you, because, the way you behave, you clearly have a whole box-full of screws loose.

"Arrest him," you will scream, as you have seven times before. "Clap the varmint in irons, because I am in hiding in fear of my life!"

Christ on a bike, as if I would want to approach within a mile of that hideous death-stare!

Nancy is here, and she's here to stay.

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