Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Boy George Giving Himself A Pat On The Back & Insulting The Memory Of A Legend By Paying For Pete Burns; Funeral

Pete Burns & Boy George, he of the silly hats.
This may not go down well, but am I the only one who finds Boy George's broadcasting that he's paying for Pete's funeral flagrantly insulting? Pete was an icon, but instead of going down in history as one of our greatest icons and eccentrics, he will now be remembered as a penniless charity case. Pay for the funeral by all means, Hatty, but do so discreetly. Don't go boasting all over the place what a good boy you are, when we know that you're really doing it to make everyone think what a great, Geldof & Bono-esque philanthropist you are. I can name you a few people--Juliette Greco and Barbara are but two--who have secretly raised MILLIONS for AIDS victims, and ensured that none of it got into the press. These people were more interested in helping others than they were in giving themselves pats on the back. Accept the fact that you're almost a has-been, that each time we see you, rather than looking eccentric and being loved as Pete was, you make yourself look more and more of a twit. A twit who has insulted the legacy of a British great, which you once were but will never be again.

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