Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Plea To Ban Tramadol After The Vet Prescribed It To Our Dog, Killing Him

Prescription painkillers are 'claiming more lives than heroin and cocaine', expert warns

  • Tramadol is currently classified as a Class C drug - among the least harmful
  • But a leading pathologist believes they should be upgraded to a Class A
  • They are taken by thousands of people each day to rid them of any pain
  • He warns they can be deadly when mixed with other medication or alcohol

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Also from Wakefield Express (full feature online):

'Disgraceful' vet left swab inside puppy

A VET was found guilty of disgraceful conduct after leaving a swab in a puppy following a routine operation.

Owen Davies, formerly of the Chantry Veterinary Group, on Northgate, carried out a spaying operation on Sacha, a 10-month-old labrador in September 2002.
The dog died in March last year after a "massive fibrous growth" was discovered in her abdomen six months after the operation.
During a disciplinary hearing before the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' professional conduct committee, Mr Davies, 35, told of his shock at the discovery.

This is Bozzy, our beautiful Blue Merle. In April we took him to Chantry Vets, Wakefield. He had a lame leg and swollen paw, but was happy and very noisy, and not in pain. As a precaution, she said, the vet Birgit Nordmann prescribed 50mg of Tramadol. Bozzy, she said, was "very fit for an ancient dog". He was twelve. Two days later, Bozzy was dead. He has passed blood in his urine, vomited blood, and become extremely lethargic.

We took action, and filed a report. Suddenly, Ms Nordmann who had said (in front of two witnesses) that Bozzy was fit was now saying in her statement that she had told us that Bozzy was extremely ill when she saw him. The other vets that I spoke to at Chantry Vets  followed up with a whole catalogue of lies. A stroppy Irish vet named Lisa Flood had the audacity to say that if Bozzy was ill, it was our fault and had nothing to do with the vet. A Spanish vet named Jordi Serrano swore that he had called me on the phone and given me advice, but despite sending copies of the company's phone records he got the date wrong, and there is no record there of that call because it never happened.

I will not go further into the case here as it has now moved to the next level, other than to say that in her own statement Ms Nordmann said that she had prescribed 50mg because 10mg, which might have been more suitable for Bozzy, was more expensive and that I had complained about the cost. Again, there were two witnesses. Absolute tosh! Ms Nordmann also complaints that comments I have made on social media are "ruining her life". I speak only the truth, Ms Nordmann, which I will eventually repeat under oath when this goes to court. Because of your incompetence, Bozzy does not HAVE a life.

Our aim is to have the three vets involved with this case struck off the veterinary register. Chantry Vets was a nice family practice until they began employing migrant workers who, though I have nothing against them racially, do not seem to know the meaning of the term "patient care". It would be ideal if the practice was sued out of business or closed down--a few years ago the press reported one of their vets being suspended for killing a puppy--but if this happened, this would be unfair to the genuinely nice people who work there. The receptionist and administrator in particular are extremely nice, as is the owner of the practice.

As for Tramadol, all I can say is that, if 50mg is now considered very dangerous for 170-pound humans, why would anyone want to prescribe the same dosage for a 40-pounds dog, particularly when the vet's opinion of him (though not revealed to me) was that he was seriously ill?

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