Monday, 8 August 2016

"The Tribulations Of John Dynham: Part Two Of A Family Saga Set During The Wars Of The Roses"

To be published September 2016

John Dynham (1433-1501) rose from obscurity to become a key figure in the violent struggle for supremacy between the houses of York and Lancaster. He left his mark on British history in 1459 in the aftermath of the battle of Blore Heath when he escorted the rebel Yorkist lords, including the future Edward IV, to the safety of Nutwell, his ancestral home, and then on to the Calais garrison. Recovering from a horrific injury which almost cost him his life, he went on to enjoy a lengthy and glittering political career, not to mention a complex and unconventional personal life.
   Twice-married, but openly gay in his private circle, Dynham survived the harsh reigns and dictates of three very different kings: Edward IV, of whom he was one of his closest friends—Richard III, whose regime he held responsible for the deaths of several loved ones, including his first wife—and Henry VII, the first Tudor king whom he secretly despised. His story is one of compelling interest—
sex, shady politics, tragedy and intrigue—and is vividly recounted in this the second part of the Dynham saga which covers the years 1466-70.
   As Part Two of this medieval saga opens, three years have elapsed since Dynham and his lover Philip Atkyn were reunited after Philip’s capture by the French after the battle of Wakefield. Now in his thirties Dynham is about to enter into an arranged marriage with the wealthy Baroness Elizabeth Fitzwalter, but is determined never to give up Philip. He also has to deal with the bloody Siege of Exeter, the attempted deposition of his close friend Edward IV, endless family squabbles, loss by way of battle, the rapidly failing health of his much-loved young brother-in-law, Nicholas Carew…and the ultimate tragedy which rocks the lives of the entire Dynham clan.

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