Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Orlando Shooting: Why Do Homophobes Hate Us So?

Now my readers will understand why I despise homophobes, why I persistently say that, like racists and those who harm innocent children and animals, the only good homophobe is a dead one.

Fifty people have been murdered in a gay nightclub.

Homophobes come in all shapes and sizes, in all age groups. I have written about gay stars, often repeating what others have written about them before me. And boy, don't those vile creatures come creeping out from under their stones, one in particular who for years has targeted ONLY gay men. "I'm not homophobic, but..." they say, before launching into a spiel which proves that they are profoundly so. One person who has a particular beef with me and my friends, because we succeeded with a project with which they failed miserably, even had the audacity to declare that it is actually homophobic to denounce homophobes. Homophobes have written that I should be shot in the head, that I should be set on fire. Two lunatics have even fabricated lawsuits against me which turned out to be fake. All because I wrote that a star, who most of the world has forgotten about in any case, was probably gay.

What some do not realise is that it takes just one stupid or gullible crank to read such hurtful, homophobic comments, from ones so hideously twisted in the head as those who have attacked me and others, for us to have another Matt Shepard incident on our hands, or worse still a repeat of what has just happened in Orlando.

These evil people are a modern Black Death, far worse than any AIDS epidemic. With AIDS we could take measures to ensure that we and others did not get it. Homophobia is one disease which may never be eradicated unless society stands up to these evil peopleand flushes them out.

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