Monday, 6 June 2016


Rudolph Valentino Screenplay
Based on Rudolph Valentino: A Dream of Desire

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Based on David Bret’s best-selling biography. Rudolph Valentino, his no-holds-barred hedonistic life story, from an abusive childhood in Italy to Hollywood stardom and unprecedented wealth. A manly man who favors ribald humor and loves only men, none more so than André Daven, yet who must toe the line and suffer the agonies of TWO lavender marriages, while under constant fear of being exposed as a homosexual, in the days when this was considered not just a perversion but an illness, by his wife Natacha Rambova and a rapacious manager, George Ullman, who controls him concocting a bigamy story and by seizing his estate. It is he and the studio moguls who, when Valentino falls ill, decide whether he should live or die.

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