Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Jo Cox Death Was A Massive Tragedy, But It Is Not The Only One

Jo Cox's murder was a massive tragedy. It happened just up the road from me, and the outpouring of grief has been understandable, the fact that a lunatic ended her life. 

I do, however, think that too much has been made of it, in comparison to other tragedies which have happened in the past. Ms. Cox fought for the very migrants most of Britain wants to keep out of our country. This was a noble act, but doubtless her death would not have had the same impact were we not on the eve of a referendum to leave or stay in Europe. 

Lee Rigby was murdered, and so have many others, by lunatics and for political reasons. Did President Obama call his family? No, he did not. Jo's case can be compared in some ways with the Madeleine McCann disappearance  (my first mention of this in four years, and which I never wish to mention again because, frankly my dear, it caused so much trouble that I don't give a damn), the fact that whilst hundreds if not thousands of children go missing every year, so much emphasis was placed on the disappearance of just one. 

Jo Cox was an MP, a good MP and a wife, mother and friend. But she was not Joan of Arc. She was not the Queen of England or Princess Diana, and there were just as many who opposed what she stood for as there were who supported her dictums. It's a good thing that she should be remembered today in events all over the world, but so should others of equal and greater magnitude. 

To suggest that the Leeds-London train should be named after her is ridiculous, or that statues should be erected around the world. A memorial garden, yes, but please don't treat her like she was a saint or a royal personage. Remember and respect her, because I'm sure there will be many more tragedies to come which will affect us, and the world, in different ways.

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