Monday, 6 June 2016

Euro 2016 Theme Song: An Abomination Of An Edith Piaf Classic

I know that I tend to be prejudiced when it comes to others singing Piaf, but Izzy Bizu's howling of "La foule", the Euro 2016 theme, really is an abomination of the lowest order.

I know nothing about this singer, other than she can't sing for toffee. She has no idea what she is wailing about. Her French is lamentable. Why not get a real performer to do this ~ there are plenty of good French singers around, and non-French singers who can at least pronounce the lyrics, without this offensive, incomprehensible howling.

"La foule" is a chanson-réaliste. In other words, it tells a story, that of a woman who is dancing in the crowd when she is flung into the arms of a man. They fall in love but for a moment, until the same crowd that brought them together drags him from her arms. In Ms. Bizu's droning delivery we get none of this: just the refrain, the events in which are distinguishable only because we know the Piaf original. For the rest of the world, she could be wailing about hanging out her washing, not that anyone would care.

A far better option would be for the crowd she sings about to whisk her into oblivion, so that Piaf may no longer be doing leap-frogs in her grave.

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