Sunday, 1 May 2016

RIP Bozzy, Who Left This World Because Of Medical Incompetence

My name is Bozzy...Bosworth Raphael...and yesterday my heartbroken parents, brother and little sisters laid me to rest, long before this should have happened. Now I am here, lonely and sad, and they are distressed, missing their little boy. Since I left this world, my parents have received hundreds of tearful messages of condolence. In life, I was truly loved.

On Tuesday I was out playing in the garden with my brother, like I always did, when the ambulance arrived to take me to Chantry Vets. Daddy always uses the ambulance because he can't drive, and because it's more convenient. Also Cléopatra, my little sister, was having her yearly booster jab. That's why Daddy took me to the vet, to have a check-up because he was going to France to make a film.

A few months ago, I hurt my paw, and could only walk on the other three. It had swollen a little, so the German vet prescribed Tramadol, and told Daddy to give me one tablet twice every day. Because my parents trust doctors and vets, they did not check how dangerous this drug is. Later, they found out that it is so dangerous that they are trying to ban it in France.

I took my first tablets on Wednesday. On Thursday, my parents saw blood in my urine. Then on Friday morning, I was very ill, losing consciousness and began coughing up blood. Daddy called the vet, and this horribly stroppy Irishwoman said that I must have been ill before the vet saw me, and that none of this was the vet's responsibility. I wasn't. I was playing with my brother, barking at the postman, eating all my meals, doing all the things I usually do. I was happy and everything was as normal as it had always been. Then on Friday afternoon, I died in Mummy and Daddy's arms. Life for them will never be the same, because I did not leave them naturally...I was taken from them because the German vet had given me tablets which prematurely ended my life.

Now, Daddy is taking action against this incompetent vet and her practice, not just to get justice for me because whatever happens no one can ever bring me back, but to stop any other little boys and girls from dying so horribly and unnecessarily, the way I did. But it will not bring us all together again, and we will still be sad and crying because we're apart. Mummy says that if this had happened to a human child, then whoever gave them these nasty, dangerous tablets would be facing a manslaughter charge.

I may have only been a dog, but to many people, we dogs are regarded as children, and loved just the same.

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