Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rudolph Valentino By Simon Blumenthal And Peter Hepple: The Stage

My very good friend, Simon Blumenthal (1907-2005) actually saw Rudolph Valentino and André Daven leaving Le Boeuf-sur-le-Toit, in Paris. As he says here, linking arms. Simon, as a rookie reporter, was also part of the welcoming committee when Valentino visited Britain for the second time. Simon recalled that such was Valentino's potency, he could send shivers down a straight man's spine just by shaking his hand ~ and that the only other time this happened to him was when he met Rock Hudson.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Diana Dors: More Than Just A Sex Symbol!

They called her "The British Marilyn Monroe" "The British Brigitte Bardot"
She was neither. She was "Our Diana", a sublime talent who stood up on her own without having to be compared with someone else!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rudolph Valentino: The Book, The Reviews, The Movie

"Valentino: Dream of Desire" was published in 1998, when the publisher printed just 1,000 copies, the theory being that whilst the subject might be remembered by a few movie enthusiasts, he was hardly big business as he had been dead for over 70 years, and came from an "antiquated movie era". Two days after its publication it was reprinted, again and again. It was published in Australia and the USA, and sales now run into six figures...all thanks to Moira Shearer and Ken Russell.
Moira Shearer ungallantly called Valentino "a pig", for reasons known only to herself. Ken filmed a biopic in 1977, and hit a couple of snags. Pola Negri, still alive, threatened to sue if she was seen in it, going nuts at Rudy's funeral. Ken was also prevented from having Rudy's brother and son in the film ~ the brother was to have been presented as a money-grabbing shyster, the little boy (in the picture below) to be denounced by Rudy as "looking like a chimp at the Bronx Zoo". 
Because of Ken's piece, I was invited to do a show about Valentino in Chicago on 8 November 1998, which happened to be my birthday. A certain lawyer named Obama was in town at several of the events my wife and I attended.
Now, it looks like there will be another Valentino biopic. Rudy will be seen as he really was ~ extroverted, gay but not in the slightest effete, hounded by his rapacious lesbian wives after being forced into lavender marriages by the studio, and threatened by a Tom Parker-style manager who kept him under the thumb and embezzled from his estate because, unless Rudy toed the line, his sexuality would be exposed to the press. Upon my request, there will be NO sex in the film ~ just a few very searching, amorous stares. We do not need to see coal being thrown onto the fire to know that the room is being heated. As for who will be paying the Latin Lover, this is out of my hands, though I have recommended a couple of actor friends who I believe would do a sterling job. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Stop Veterinary Negligence And Malpractice. Sign The UK Petition To Send To Mr Cameron

In memory of Bosworth, who died most agonisingly after being prescribed HUMAN Tramadol. This case is now undergoing civil and criminal investigation. We lost Bozzy, please don't let it happen to your beloved pets, and above all don't let them fob you off with an excuse that it's anybody else's fault but theirs. Chantry Vets Ltd have already had at least one vet suspended for malpractice. Check social media, and the negative reports. Whilst some of these might be exaggerated, they cannot possibly ALL be wrong.

Since posting this petition, dozens of Bozzy supporters have signed this petition. We need to stick together.
David Bret submits the following on this government petition:
"Dear Mr Cameron,
On 26 April 2016 I took Bosworth, my beautiful blue merle collie, to Chantry Vets Ltd, Wakefield, with a swollen paw. The vet, Birgitte, prescribed Tramadol. Bozzy went through agony, and died on Friday. Other vets at the practice said that Tramadol was completely safe, which I now know to have been a lie and them protecting their backs. This practice has had a vet suspended for a killing a puppy in 2004 by leaving a swab inside him after an operation, and then trying to cover his tracks. This particular practice is certainly not Herriot-inspired. When we registered with them there were just two surgeries. Since then they have bought out every spare surgery in the district. It's a case of animal care being eschewed for bureaucracy and money-grabbing."


Every year millions of animals and their owners are put through unbearable and unnecessary trauma at the hands of unscrupulous veterinary practitioners.
The veterinary industry is no longer run by caring 'James Herriot' types. It is a multi-million pound, 'profit -driven - industry. As consumers we pay into a multi-million pound industry and yet we and our animals have no rights or recourse.
Read the following story from one ex-vet:
In 1999 Dispatches (produced by Twenty Twenty Television) released a half hour, one off programme called "Who Vets the Vets" this documentary scratched the surface and revealed some of the grim truth for the first time. Pulling back the curtain on sadistic practices, cruelty beyond belief and all for money! Animals put through unnecessary operations, beloved pets entering the veterinary environment for relatively simple treatment and ending up in a living nightmare of pain and suffering (one beautiful dog went in for something simple and returned home in a bin bag in pieces!); drugs administered unnecessarily, animal companions euthanized for no good reason and all for money.
Since the making of the Dispatches programme NOTHING has changed. Why? Because the veterinary industry is SELF REGULATED by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). If you study and qualify and become a member of the RCVS - what do you think the chances are of you ever being found guilty BY THEM of negligence? THIS MUST CHANGE FOREVER.
We the undersigned are asking for three things: 1. regulation of veterinary fees by the Department of Trade, 2. for any animals that have to stay overnight in veterinary hospitals to be constantly overseen by qualified staff whilst also allowing access at any time to family and 3. to establish an independent regulatory body for the veterinary industry above and beyond the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons so that any claims of negligence or malpractice will be dealt with in an unbiased and transparent way. Without these fundamental changes, atrocities will continue!
This petition will be delivered to:
  • UK Prime Minister

    Reemer Bailey started this petition with a single signature, and now has 2,574 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.


    1. 2 years ago

    Sunday, 1 May 2016

    This Is Not The First Time That Chantry Vets Of Wakefield Have Been Investigated For Animal Negligence


    Following the death of our beloved Bozzy after being prescribed Tramadol by a vet from this practice, here is another horror story. This vet was suspended. I wish for the vet who killed Bozzy ~ there is no other way of describing it ~ to be struck off, and we will not stop until this happens, even if it means taking our case to the High Court. Investigations are already under way, and a criminal investigation is to be launched on Tuesday.