Thursday, 21 April 2016

Victory For Ched Evans And The Feminists Wail

Let me get one thing straight: some ~ indeed, a great many ~ feminists are decent, peace-loving, beautiful women. And then there are those who are not, and who give their movement a bad name....

Every feminist that I have encountered has been too butt-ugly and virulently repulsive to show their face, too filled with hatred and loathing to use their real name when sniping at we fellas. Some have tattoos, some have brown teeth and breath that smells of boiled cabbage if you're unfortunate to get close enough to them, some wear old-fashioned tweeds that reek of moth-balls, some have tattoos and piercings, and ALL of them have mouths like mussels ~ which are all mouth. Most of them also boast how beloved they are, and how successful they have become in life. It is a charade. They are for the better part lonely, bitter, nasty Billy Liar failures of neither one sex nor the other, or indeed anything in between. Their biggest issue is that whilst they have failed at everything in life because of their vicious and evil miens, they resent anyone else who has had any modicum of success and spend every waking moment attempting to destroy them. And of course, they are always successful at doing what they do best ~ failure.
I have encountered them, and so has Ched Evans. They are so vile, so hideous, so want-to-puke filled with poison that they eventually lose every shred of humanity. No sane man would want to touch them with a barge-pole, let alone with anything else. Virtually every one of them has gone through a divorce, or never even had a relationship because, when you do see their picture, you get the impression that you would have to wear a bag over your own head in case the bag over hers comes off.
Ched has now won his appeal. He still has a fight ahead of him, but he has strength, and an immense deal of support from his friends and acquaintances. The scene outside the court house when his re-trial starts will be lamentable, I do not doubt...for once we may see what these loathsome women look like. That is if they dare show their faces without cracking the camera lenses. Of one thing we can be sure. The men in their lives won't try to stop them from looking like ranting idiots...because they don't have any!
Rock on, Ched. You're going to win this!

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