Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Persecution Of Adam Johnson: Tabloid Lynch-Mobs And Mothers-Milk-Prejudice

Here's a headline from last year...

Female teacher jailed for inciting schoolgirl to carry out a sex act

Court hears Helen Carter, 40, shared sexually explicit messages and pictures with the pupil whilst working at Bromfords School in Essex

Daily Telegraph 15 February 2015


It's safe to say that over the last couple of days I've received quite a lot of stick on social media for my comments about Adam Johnson. Charming creatures "Little  Legs", "Andy Knox" and "Dr C Miller" used such quaint terms to denounce me as "c*nt", "heathen" and "nonce". Those were the polite ones.

My shoulders are broad. They can call me what they like. Of course, like all anonymous bullies they never like having a taste of their own medicine, and cry "victim" when getting it. 

I am NOT protesting Adam's innocence. He's a stupid man who should have known better. But neither is he a paedophile. The girl was 15, which IS under-age. However, the way in which the tabloids and hate-mongers are tackling this, the suggestion is that Adam molested a toddler. The girl knew what she was doing. Walk past any high school and you will see dozens of lads and lasses who, if you saw them in civvies, you would swear were much older than fifteen. They may be legally regarded as minors, but when it comes to how they look, speak and behave, they are anything but. This does not excuse Adam's behaviour, which in any case I am sure has been much exaggerated. I am just saying.

I was in London some years ago when there was similar hounding of another footballer, Justin Fashanu, by homophobes. They went too far, and he killed himself. Now, in my opinion they are hoping to achieve the same result with Adam. Already there are sordid stories appearing in the tabloids of his "other exploits". All for money. I am reminded here of the hounding of Freddie Mercury and Rock Hudson. There are few things in Britain more evil than its tabloid reporters. 

Above is a brief reference to another alleged "grooming" case. The teacher got 12 months in jail, when the "regular" term was purported to be 5 years. Adam's persecutors ~ there's no other way of describing them  ~ are baying for 10 years. This is less than is doled out to murderers and terrorists. I am not saying that Adam should be allowed to walk free, but is it even human for these hacks to include his name in the same headlines as genuine monsters such as Levy Bellfield and Ian Huntley? Adam is guilty of alleged misconduct with a teenage temptress who again in my opinion knew exactly what she was doing. She also keeps changing her mind over what she is hoping to achieve over this ~ first she wanted £1 million of his fortune, now she does not. 

This morning, someone observed that if this "heinous deed" had been perpetrated by a Muslim, the press would not have made quite as much fuss. I add to this. Had this been a politician such as the two who have recently gone to their graves with similar accusations hanging over their heads, there would have been a massive cover-up, as I am sure is happening still, with others of their ilk. So many people in authority knew about Jimmy Savile ~ it was the talk of Leeds General Infirmary when I worked there in the Seventies. They knew, as they knew ~ and still know ~ about others, but they also knew that if they had blabbed about Savile, he would have taken others with him, some of them bigger fish than he was.

The Adam Johnson case harks back to the days of lynchings and kangaroo courts ~ angry oiks who, rather than study the facts of how typical 15-year-olds conduct themselves today, reach for their pitchforks and staves and march off in a strop, demanding their pound of flesh whilst looking for a sturdy branch. Then when the bloody deed is done, they return home to their perfect lives.

Am I publicly supporting Adam Johnson? Yes, I am: not against what he has been accused of, but against the way he has been over-vilified by the media. This does not mean that I refuse to condemn him for what he has done, but he is more guilty of stupidity than of paedophilia, and does not deserve to be hounded by an a sensation-seeking press who are less interested in any moral aspect of this case than they are in seeing him in his grave, or at the very best suffering ten years of hard labour whilst incarcerated with the most puerile human debris the prison system has to offer. We cannot of course avoid the other human debris ~ the mother's-milk-prejudiced nobodies who populate our social media, frequently too gutless to make their comments under other than assumed names. We can however ignore them, for by this time next week they will have found someone else to vent their anger on, and add a little lustre to their meaningless lives.

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