Tuesday, 15 March 2016

RIP Carlos

"My name is Carlos, and yesterday whilst my Mummy and Daddy were in France I left them, my brothers and sisters and all my friends broken-hearted. Three years ago, Mummy found me badly injured in the garden, and took me to the vet. He said that I would not survive the night, but Mummy cuddled me for two nights and days, dozens of my parents friends sent messages of support, and gradually I became stronger. There were also some very nasty people who only wanted to harm me. One fat, dirty-looking person who once wanted Daddy to die saw my picture, and rang the police ~ 3,000 miles away ~ and told them that I was an illegal pet and that my parents should be prosecuted. Another horrible old person who tried to get their hands on Daddy's money called me a 'moth-eaten raven', and posted a photograph supposed to be me with a cigarette in my mouth. Mummy always called this person 'the wall-eyed skunk' because everything they do stinks. Mummy told me not to be upset, because these people have no one in their lives to love, because they never do kind things to make people love them. I asked Mummy when one of my brothers died last year if she ever wished that these cruel people could die instead of the nice ones. She said that they should live for ever, because the longer they live, the more God makes them suffer for being so wicked. I loved my Mummy and Daddy, and Bozzy and Ricardo. I also loved Béatriz and Cléopatra, but I was never allowed to play with them. Every afternoon, when Daddy was home, I would sit on his foot, or perch on the back of his chair. I had my own box of toys, and always slept next to Mummy's bed. Now I'm going to be laid to rest next to Henry, the brother I never knew. He sleeps under a plum tree in the garden close to where Mummy found me. I hated leaving everyone behind, but I'm not going to worry too much because Mummy and Daddy believe that all of us go to heaven when we die ~ well, not the horrible people ~ so eventually we will all be together again. I do wish Mummy would stop crying, though. I'm comfortable now, and no longer poorly."

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