Wednesday, 16 March 2016

"Monochrome Monitor" An Annoying Little Insect

As someone who moans that there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done, I find it astonishing that there are those who appear to use their every waking moment to cause havoc by spreading their "expertise" across every aspect of Wikipedia, and generally prove to the world that their only talent is for being a pain in the arse. They're like those bugs you swat in the garden. The harder you whack them, the more insistent they are in coming back to sting you.
One such is "Monochrome Monitor", a veritable twenty-something elfin parasite who over the past three years has persistently bemoaned how "tired and flat out" she is, trying to juggle working and studying...and yet has found the time to make an astonishing 100,000 amendments to Wikipedia pages, mine included. What this creature does not know about the celebrities she targets is not worth knowing...and you can add to her tally some 40,000 tweets covering every subject under the sun, though her "speciality" is the movies. "MM" tells people what to go and see, what to watch on the television, and what to read...even before she's seen, watched and read what she's recommending. Alexander Walker, Barry Norman, Pauline Kael and Bosley Crowther must be wishing that they could have taken tips from her...then again, they would have been augmenting the dole queue within a week because is she doesn't like a thing, then you're not allowed to like it either!
Do I know the identity of "Monochrome Monitor", you ask? Of course I do because she gives the game away all too often, but I'm not going to "out" her because, according to the chap from Wikipedia that I spoke to on the phone a few weeks back when I and several others put in a report about her, the poor creature feels that her extraordinary behaviour helps soothe her chronic depression. Indeed, whenever someone reacts to her flagrantly spiteful comments and reproaches her on Wikipedia Talk, out comes the "chronic depression" card. 
I would imagine that with all those tweets, Wikipedia amendments, and I don't doubt similarly frenetic activities elsewhere on the social media, the girl doesn't have the time to eat, sleep and spend a penny, let alone feel depressed!

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