Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why Is "Pink News" So Obsessed With Bruce Jenner?

WHY are all the formerly great gay publications so obsessed with Bruce Jenner? There are dozens of other issues to tackle--the vile things that are happening to gays in Syria, the bullying that takes place in our schools and on the streets. Beautiful people like Matthew Shepard getting murdered, troubed souls like Justin Fashanu taking their own lives. Why waste so much space on this man--in my opinion a rich man who has cottoned on to a novel way of making even money, and upon whose every word and gesture fools heed like he is some kind of Messiah? And of course, to criticise him in the slightest at once brings out the transphobia cards. 

There are many supreme examples of transgender in the world, ones we can admire. But not this one. How would Bruce Jenner cope with living on a Brixton Housing Estate, or travelling to work each day on the Tube and braving the insults? He is not an inspiration to other transgenders.

The likes of "Pink News" and "Attitude" need to be dealing with REAL issues, and leave this man and his army of feet-kissing sycophants to their own devices!

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