Saturday, 20 February 2016

"Old Bastard" My Psychotic Father. Now published.

"Old Bastard" My Psychotic Father
'When a man like Peter Sutcliffe, who knew him, can denounce him as a c***, then
you have a pretty shrewd idea of the kind of person that he was.'

"Evil, cruel, contrived, nasty, homophobic, slimy, pathetic, puerile, poisonous, loathsome, psychotic, despotic, anti-Semitic, bigoted, adulterous and loud-mouthed. These are just some of the terms—and I’m sure there are more—that applied to George Spurr, my adoptive father. Add to this roster child-beater, rapist and crook, and this just about sums him up. It used to make me angry and confused, as a child, watching fathers hugging their sons, or seeing sons weeping for the fathers they had loved and lost. Mine never once hugged me, or showed the slightest affection towards anyone when he was a part of my life, or even suggested that he cared about anyone but himself. When at family weddings I watched fathers proudly lead their daughters down the aisle to give them away at their wedding, my heartfelt desire was to see mine laid out in a wooden box." This is how celebrity biographer David Bret describes the man who adopted and raised him, in this harrowing story of his abused childhood and youth.

Available as a limited edition from today.

On general release available everywhere March 2016.

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