Monday, 29 February 2016

The Oscars & Diversity

The "talent" of the Oscar nominees this year, Rylance and Rampling aside, equates to what we saw at the Brits. I wouldn't cross the street to see any of these films, even if someone paid me. As for that gobshite comic taking the piss out of white people, the reason why black actors never get awards--and there are some brilliant black actors out there--is because such is the prejudice against them, aside from the obvious, that they are invariably denied romantic leads and usually end up playing non-charismatic thugs. We don't have any more Sidney Poitiers. As for the others, the reason why I switch off the likes of Eddie Murphy and Whoopee Cushion is not because of their colour but because they are Jim Carry-style annoying. There's only so much squeaky voice and face-pulling that I can stand. Give black actors the same roles as everyone else, and things would be different. The roles they get are mostly in common with gay roles and schlock horror such as King Kong. They all too often have to centre around prejudice, and their films invariably have tragic endings. Wouldn't it have been nice to have seen Jake strolling off into the sunset with Heath instead of having his head bashed in?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

"Old Bastard" My Psychotic Father. Now published.

"Old Bastard" My Psychotic Father
'When a man like Peter Sutcliffe, who knew him, can denounce him as a c***, then
you have a pretty shrewd idea of the kind of person that he was.'

"Evil, cruel, contrived, nasty, homophobic, slimy, pathetic, puerile, poisonous, loathsome, psychotic, despotic, anti-Semitic, bigoted, adulterous and loud-mouthed. These are just some of the terms—and I’m sure there are more—that applied to George Spurr, my adoptive father. Add to this roster child-beater, rapist and crook, and this just about sums him up. It used to make me angry and confused, as a child, watching fathers hugging their sons, or seeing sons weeping for the fathers they had loved and lost. Mine never once hugged me, or showed the slightest affection towards anyone when he was a part of my life, or even suggested that he cared about anyone but himself. When at family weddings I watched fathers proudly lead their daughters down the aisle to give them away at their wedding, my heartfelt desire was to see mine laid out in a wooden box." This is how celebrity biographer David Bret describes the man who adopted and raised him, in this harrowing story of his abused childhood and youth.

Available as a limited edition from today.

On general release available everywhere March 2016.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why Is "Pink News" So Obsessed With Bruce Jenner?

WHY are all the formerly great gay publications so obsessed with Bruce Jenner? There are dozens of other issues to tackle--the vile things that are happening to gays in Syria, the bullying that takes place in our schools and on the streets. Beautiful people like Matthew Shepard getting murdered, troubed souls like Justin Fashanu taking their own lives. Why waste so much space on this man--in my opinion a rich man who has cottoned on to a novel way of making even money, and upon whose every word and gesture fools heed like he is some kind of Messiah? And of course, to criticise him in the slightest at once brings out the transphobia cards. 

There are many supreme examples of transgender in the world, ones we can admire. But not this one. How would Bruce Jenner cope with living on a Brixton Housing Estate, or travelling to work each day on the Tube and braving the insults? He is not an inspiration to other transgenders.

The likes of "Pink News" and "Attitude" need to be dealing with REAL issues, and leave this man and his army of feet-kissing sycophants to their own devices!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

"O.B. The Story Of A Psychotic Father"

The rough cover for "Old Bastard".

Not an easy story to tell, but possible now, and to name names now that most of the protagonists are dead. O.B. was the name coined by one of his brothers, after my mother's death.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rudolph Valentino & Chanson (Gay World War II Drama) Screenplays

 "Rudolph Valentino: A Dream of Desire"


The gay star’s no-holds barred hedonistic life story, from an abusive childhood in Italy to Hollywood stardom and unprecedented wealth—the lovers and the peace and stability these brought to his tormented psyche; his courage and ribald sense of humour which saw him through his nightmares; the rapacious lesbian wives; the thieving manager and racist, money-grabbing studio moguls and their deliberating during his final illness whether he would be worth more to them dead or alive; the bigamy charges and prison rapes; his terror, though unashamed and proud of his sexuality, of being regarded as a non-manly man by the tabloids at a time in America when homosexuals were perceived as degenerates.

Copyrighted by the US Screenwriters Guild, of which David Bret is a member, and lodged with

"Chanson: A Story of Forbidden Love Set During the German Occupation of Paris"



Based on David Bret’s novel, the story of Marcel, the famous womanizing French singer from the wrong side of the tracks who ditches his wife and mistress and defies all the odds to have an unprecedented, passionate love affair with J├╝rgen, a young enemy lieutenant during the German Occupation of Paris.

Copyrighted by the US Screenwriters Guild, of which David Bret is a member, and lodged with

David Bret biographies, screenplays, novels, plays and spoofs are at

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Doris Jenkinson-Spurr: My Mother's Centenary

My late mother, who would have turned a hundred this week. 

She was born on 4 February 1916, in West Melton, South Yorkshire. After leaving school she took the unusual step ~ for those days, in a tightly-knit community such as hers ~ of moving away from home to work in a Sheffield hospital, usually reserved for mental patients but at the time also taking in the children of unmarried mothers. Her own baby had died, and her vocation later saw her wanting to adopt a child herself, which was where I entered the equation.

In the meantime, after leaving the hospital, Mother worked at Waldenberg's Bakery in Leeds. Her next door neighbour was Frank Abelson, who later became Frankie Vaughan. They dated, but broke up when he went to London to take up a boxing career. Later of course he became the famous singer. Mother then returned to West Melton, where she got engaged to local businessman Bill Simpson. This did not work out, and she made the great mistake of marrying George Spurr, a man who made her life an absolute misery. I won't go into that here, only that Mother took her own life ~ in the wake of a catalogue of ill health and abuse ~ on 1 June 1971. Her funeral, three days later, was at the time the largest there had ever been in the community. 

I was adopted by Doris and George, and took their name. In April 1971, Mother filed for divorce and reverted to her maiden name, Doris Jenkinson. I legally changed my own name in 1988. O.B. as he was known died in December 1993, when measures were taken to ensure that he would not be buried with the much-loved woman whose life he had made a misery.