Saturday, 9 January 2016

Winston McKenzie: Homophobe Politician

Homophobia is not entertainment. Channel 5 should be ashamed | Cristo FoufasWinston McKenzie’s comments should have disqualified him from Celebrity Big Brother. Instead, like Tyson Fury, he’s celebrated on television

This appears to be International Homophobia Week...what with my stalkers homophobing like hate is going out of fashion, and now this vile man, a politician who sees himself as London's next mayor. Heaven help us all if this "thing" ever takes up office.

Plaudits go to Dame Emma Willis, who is supposed to be impartial, for challenging this piece of dirt who boasts that gay people adopting children equates to child abuse. There are at least three gay men on Celebrity Big Brother this time around, all of whom want to adopt children, and two ladies who have done more for the gay cause than most. No surprise then that 13 out of the 14 housemates voted this obnoxious man out of the house last night. Such a pity he didn't fall down the stairs on his way out to more boos than the programme has known in its entire history.

One wonders how McKenzie ~ a black man ~ would feel if one of his fellow housemates or anyone else in the world for that matter had said they only want a white mayor of London? There would be outrage, and rightly so. I also blame Channel Five for allowing him on the show in the first place. Even in his opening VT he said that if there were homosexuals in the house, he would stand with his back to a brick wall. And the show did itself no favours by bringing up the gay adoption subject during a task...though it did reveal him to be a turd, which most of us knew already.

Like others before him, Winston McKenzie ~ who wears more leopard print than Bet Lynch and purports to being a Christian, which he feels gives him licence to hate because he thinks he has the Bible on his side~ will end up with egg on his face for his comments.

Evil people never win.

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