Monday, 25 January 2016

Christine Boutin, And How Fate Plays Funny Tricks On Braggers

No picture...for no other reason than this elderly homophobe is so vile, I don't even want to look at her. In France she is loathed, most especially by the gay community, though the straight community doesn't have much respect for her either. She pouts at the camera in her badly-arranged hairdo and designer glasses and thinks she is beautiful. Oh, and she is, or was (nobody cares) the leader of the Christian Democrats in France, which more or less catapults her into the bigot category. Few in this world are more odious than Bible Bashers...and when preaching and homophobia combine, we end up with a social Hiroshima.
Christine Boutin does not just oppose gay marriage, she hates the LGBT community. Look her up on any social media outlet and you will see how they love to take the micky out of her. Like all homophobes, she thinks she is God's gift to Mankind. She thinks she is always right, and that all those who hate her, and for good reason, are in the wrong. You can't hammer a nail into concrete, and she'll go on thinking this until she draws her last breath. She thinks Mankind loves her, and persistently blows her own trumpet. And you know what they say about self-praise being no praise at all! Where did I hear that one before?
Christine Boutin is not the first homophobe to pen a book and boast that it will take the world by storm...only to end up falling flat on her ugly mush because, though she's so up herself to believe that she is universally admired for her "good deeds and thoughts and literary skills", others loathe her as much as she loves herself and wouldn't use her unsold printed pages for toilet paper. Not that being a literary turkey will stop her from boasting. Right now she's probably planning a follow-up work which will bomb just like the first.
And why is this, you might ask?
Because today history repeats itself when it is revealed in the French press that, despite her "I walk on water" bragging, her "blockbuster" tome has sold just 38 copies.

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