Friday, 1 January 2016

Announcing the 2016 Death List

Yes, it's that time of year again! Last year I added nine of my own, and am happy to report that three of them have curled their toes. As for the remaining five, fingers crossed for this year! Their deaths would bring varying degrees of jubilation in the Bret household. One is very old and has been anticipated for quite some time. It will be a mixture of sadness and relief, and will result in a book being published within one week of the event...the said tome has been completed for some time and edited, and the pictures set. Another demise will see many of our famous former stars avenged for the horrors inflicted upon them and their families by this person. A third will we see us ~ and I kid you not ~ stringing bunting across the street and holding a very public party, at home and on the social media. As for the others, you'll just have to wait and see! Oh, and in case some barking mad obsessive is thinking along the lines that I'm going to be the one sending them to the next world, you can slither out from under your stone. Karma ~ and Satan ~ takes care of their own!


The DeathList 2016

For the 30th time, the DeathList Committee has sat and drawn upon multiple resources, including the invaluable contributions on the forums, to compile a list of 50 celebrities that it considers most likely to die in 2016. The Committee constrains itself with a few rules as follows: Candidates must be famous enough such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media; Candidates cannot be famous solely for the fact they are likely to die in the near future and only 25 of the candidates from the previous year’s list can reappear on this year’s list. DeathList 2015 just failed to set a new record, once again equalling the best of 14 deaths. A significant amount of new blood has been drafted in for 2016. Can the good form carry on into the new year?

Appear NameAgeDescDiscuss
1202 Martin Crowe54CricketerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 211 posts
2110 Zsa Zsa Gabor99ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 812 posts
335 João Havelange 100Ex Fifa presidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 127 posts
469 Olivia De Havilland100ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 125 posts
5213 Bhumibol Adulyadej89King of ThailandSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 203 posts
6510 Billy Graham98EvangelistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 470 posts
745 Herman Wouk101AuthorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 37 posts
873 Javier Perez de Cuellar96Ex UN Secretary GeneralSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 17 posts
9443 Richard Adams96Watership Down authorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 13 posts
101514 Kirk Douglas100ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 304 posts
11 3 Abe Vigoda95ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 57 posts
12402 Liz Smith95Royle Family "Nana"Speech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 16 posts
13 Star (First Listing Icon) Mary Tyler Moore80AcrtessSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 76 posts
14385 Nancy Reagan95ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 233 posts
15324 Peter Sallis95Last of the Summer WinerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 75 posts
16104 Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh95Casual rascistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 558 posts
17 3 James Randi88Magician/SkepticSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 34 posts
18 2 Lord (Peter) Carrington97UK PoliticianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 21 posts
19164 Clive James77TV presenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 166 posts
20274 Bob Dole93PoliticanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 72 posts
21283 Joost van der Westhuizen45Rugby playerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 69 posts
22 Star (First Listing Icon) Prunella Scales84Sybil FawltySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 2 posts
23 Star (First Listing Icon) Jimmy Carter92Ex US PresidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 349 posts
24345 Henry Kissinger93DiplomatSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 79 posts
25 Star (First Listing Icon) Tommy Chong78Cheech & ChongSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 20 posts
26 Star (First Listing Icon) Doug Ellis92Ex-Aston Villa ChairmanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 17 posts
2794 George Bush Senior92Former President of USASpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 255 posts
28478 Vera Lynn99SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 234 posts
29242 Leslie Phillips92Comedy ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 91 posts
301313 Fidel Castro90DictatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1345 posts
31 Star (First Listing Icon) Sandy Gall89TV news reporterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 7 posts
32 8 Fats Domino88SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 72 posts
33 Star (First Listing Icon) Robert M Pirsig88AuthorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 2 posts
34 2 Desmond Tutu84ArchbishopSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 34 posts
35 Star (First Listing Icon) Lester Piggott81JockeySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 7 posts
36 Star (First Listing Icon) Glen Campbell80Country SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 46 posts
37 3 Stan Lee94Marvel comicsSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 49 posts
38 Star (First Listing Icon) Boutros Boutros-Ghali94Ex-UN Secretary GeneralSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 7 posts
393512 Jake Lamotta95BoxerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 140 posts
40363 Cliff Michelmore97TV PresenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 130 posts
41334 Denis Norden94Comic/TV PresenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 94 posts
42 Star (First Listing Icon) Murray Walker93Formula 1 CommentatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 2 posts
43 Star (First Listing Icon) Jimmy Greaves76Footballer/punditSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 2 posts
44 Star (First Listing Icon) Gordon Banks79GoalkeeperSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 3 posts
45 3 Muhammad Ali74Bufferfly/BeeSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 281 posts
46 Star (First Listing Icon) Jacques Chirac84Ex French President/PM Speech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 58 posts
47 3 Stephen Hawking74Theoretical PhysicistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 313 posts
48 Star (First Listing Icon) Paul Gascoigne49GazzaSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 347 posts
49 Star (First Listing Icon) John Noakes82Blue Peter PresenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 5 posts
50 2 Bruce Forsyth88EntertainerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 127

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