Sunday, 6 December 2015

Ted Robledo & Dorothy Squires 6 December 1979

6 December 1970, a date which connects me to two undisputed legends. On this date my great friend Dorothy Squires hired the London Palladium and gave what many consider the greatest performance of her career. Also on this day, the great Chilean footballer Ted Robledo died, aged 42, believed by many to have been the victim of homophobia.
Dot hated homophobes just as much as I did, and also believed that the only good homophobe was a dead one.
I knew Dot very well. We spent almost twenty years together and it was she who encouraged me to take my first script to a publisher--with her backing, my own career took off and I tip my hat to her every single day.
For several years, I lived in Ted's house. His bed frame was in the bedroom when we moved in, and we kept it and bought a new mattress. He had etched his name on it, and today it would have been worth a fortune. OB, my father--the biggest homophobe of them all, even worse than some I have to put up with today, therefore it was a day of great rejoicing when he snuffed it--sold it to a scrapyard while I was living in Germany. Ted visited his old house a few times, and it was curious to hear a great Chilean footballer speaking with a Yorkshire accent. He was a lovely man.

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