Tuesday, 22 December 2015

RIP Kenneth Partridge, Interior Designer

A man who always had a tale to tell. We had mutual friends in Elisabeth Welch and Dinah Sheridan, and I can imagine Ken right now, "gas-bagging" up there about the goings on in some of those big houses he worked on. I would love to tell the story in full of when Ken was in Larry Parne's office and a would-be pop singer walked in and asked for an audition. Larry asked him to get on his knees, and when he'd done he asked Ken, "Do you want me to do you too?" The pop singer became a household name and is still with us, so I daren't say more...or about the "very straight" Hollywood actor, forty years his junior, who paid Ken in kind for a little interior designing.
It was Ken who arranged for me to have visitation rights to go and see Pete Sutcliffe, when Pete said he wanted to see me, ten years ago. I almost went through with it, but then thought of what my reaction might be to a man who had once been my friend, five years before going on his killing spree. Even though my wife could have been one of his or one of a copycat's victims, I never thought in a million years that when the police took our statements and finally caught him that he would have been someone that I'd known. And the irony was that when they first published his picture in the press, it was on my wife's birthday. Our story is to be published next year.
And Ken can be in it, now. My little tribute to a dear friend.

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