Thursday, 17 December 2015

Chanson: A Gay Love Story During The German Occupation: Screenplay

The screenplay, provisional title "Chanson: A Gay Love Story During The German Occupation of Paris", is now copyrighted and registered with The US Screenwriters Guild and

The title is somewhat long-winded. This is because (I am told) to use just the word "Chanson" would confuse American and other non-French producers...inasmuch as "La Mome" became "La Vie En Rose".

The story is a true one, ironically centered around the rue Lancry area of Paris, where the recent attacks took place. This is where my godfather lived with his German lieutenant lover during the war. We spent many hours in the bars and restaurants here, including Le Carillon, talking about the horrors back then, not a patch on what happened a few weeks ago when several acquaintances of ours lost their lives.

For being in love, my godfather suffered the ultimate in homophobia--he was sent to prison after the Liberation, though he and Jurgen were eventually reunited in London. They visited America together--my godfather was a singer-songwriter-dancer--they met many big names in Hollywood and they once stayed with Lucille Ball.

Lovely people! But life was not always a bed of roses for them.

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