Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Sun Newspaper Returns To 1980s Panic-Mongering With HIV Story

I have remarked many times that the only good homophobe is a dead one, and with many others wished only for an early demise for those inhuman cretins who trashed Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury when the nature of their final illness was made public...also for those who put poor Justin Fashanu through a hell which only ended when he took his life. A group of us publicly celebrated when the odious John Junor and the almost as odious Jean Rook curled their toes
Homophobia is evil, yet would you believe that there is one group of barking mad, very confirmed and proven homophobes who actually believe that it is homophobic to call homophobes homophobic? Their prejudice is all that keeps them going. I also recall a local vicar whose son hanged himself, unable to cope with being gay. The vicar said, and on live television, that he was happy that his boy was dead, and that it was better to be dead than to be homosexual. Such monsters do not warrant breathing the same air as the rest of us--which, for the benefit of the aforementioned group of bigots does not constitute a death-threat, but a wish for Nature to take its course and sooner rather than later.
The tabloids were heartless to Rock, Freddie and Justin, and I now get a distinct impression that they are about to return to a 1980s-style witch-hunt where the so called "HIV Hollywood Actor" is concerned. The Sun is behaving irresponsibly, and childishly--"I've got a secret, but I'm not telling you!"--while they are practically bursting to make some poor soul's life a misery. Mark my word, within a week, the chipwraps will be telling us that we are about to experience the biggest AIDS crisis since the dear chaps I mentioned above left us. And they will say it's all in the public interest. What bullshit!
The tabloids got me just the once, and were preparing a front page story--yes, a front page story--about little old me when I unearthed a "terrible secret" about the person nabbing me. "Do this, and you'll feel the full wrath of our lawyers," the said person said to me over the phone, with quite a lot of expletives. Said I, "Fair enough, but by then the cat will have been let out of the bag!" Suffice to say, the story about me did not run.

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