Sunday, 15 November 2015

Can The British Tabloids Get Any More Irresponsible?

While members of my estranged family moan about their aching joints and how miserable life is for them when the solution would be to eat less ...while old biddies gripe endlessly about their threepenny self-inflicted failures in life...while others grumble about the rain because it wets their cigarettes as they pother away and pollute the atmosphere outside pubs...and while unselfish people weep for Paris, the UK tabloids reveal that their journalists can still be thick as pig manure.
I won't name names--save that it's Chris Hughes of The Daily Mirror--who right now must qualify for an award for being the most stupid and irresponsible journalist in Britain. This idiot--I could think of a more appropriate description, but prefer to be polite--now reveals how we can tell the identities of those brave men and women patrolling the streets of London to protect us from lunatics.
I have nothing more to say.

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