Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wedding Anniversary Ironies

Tickled I am, on this day...our 43rd wedding anniversary, which my "second family" attempted to ruin by sending us a nifty little hate-filled anonymous letter, wishing us all the evil and harm in the world, and telling us in no uncertain terms that our marriage would not last. The letter is included in full in my autobiography--the copyright, legally, belongs to the one who sent it, but I very much doubt if she will ever come forward and admit it!
My "second" family, along with my own abusive father--still pretending to mourn the first wife he had driven to suicide the previous June--giving us just six months. One of my "second" siblings even got married on our wedding anniversary, and even O.B., my father, did not give that one his blessing, on one of the rare occasions that we spoke telling me that it had ended with a knife being found under the pillow--ALLEGEDLY, for that man could not lie straight in bed, though I think he may have been telling the truth on this occasion, for the tale hath many times been corroborated.
And the ones who said that our marriage would not last? Well--ALLEGEDLY--there was a union which ended in suicide, several more failed marriages and relationships, and a couple of prison sentences doled out for particularly heinous crimes. As for the "wicked stepmother" who persistently mocked my beautiful mother-in-law (when she was not doing Rob Wilton impressions and trying to out-knit one of those ladies who sat around the guillotine) by saying that she would end up "in the nut-house"...well, guess where she ended up!
Karma can be such a beautiful thing at times!


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