Monday, 26 October 2015

In Support Of Germaine Greer: If It Has A Penis, It's Male!

I'm wholly in support of Germaine Greer's televised comments to the very snooty Kirsty Walk. Ms Greer is one feminist that I admire. Like myself she does not hide behind fake Internet names--and anyone who is too cowardly to spout their hatred and prejudice under an alias is in my opinion of no worth whatsoever. For example, if you received an anonymous phone call from someone asking you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?
Radical feminists too cowardly to use their own names equate to the AIDS virus. You just don't know what you're dealing with. One, on Twitter, has posted an astonishing 27,000 times in just a few months. Say what you will, but that person cannot have much of a life. Currently I have produced three books and am on to the fourth--500 pages and over 250,000 words--of comments and screenshots made by one person alone about me. David Bret, Ched Evans and a handful of others are on some person's brain 24 hours a day. They post about no one but us. Were Ched and I to die, the lives of these people would convey no meaning.
And gullible people follow these mouths-like-barns like sheep. If one of these usually hideously ugly creatures went into Asda and saw a turnip which she thought looked like her Aunt Fanny, in next to no time she would be raising a petition for her 'followers' to boycott Asda, and they would oblige because they have no minds of their own. Much of this behaviour is on account of their personal lives--they don't have any. Almost all the feminists I have seen have had self-inflicted problems with the men in their lives. Because men have found them repulsive, they think the world would be better off without us!
Back to Germaine Greer, and a little lesson in anatomy. A woman is a creature who when in her prime possesses breasts for producing milk, and who has a vagina, and ovaries containing eggs to produce babies.
I feel disgusted that in today's world that a "Woman of the Year" award can to be given to a creature which is essentially a man in drag--a man who so far as I am aware has a penis and testicles which are in working order. Therefore a man who cannot in any way, shape or form can be described as a woman.
When one thinks "Woman of the Year", one recalls the likes of Gladys Aylward, Helen Keller and Mother Theresa--or any of the hundreds of young women fighting with the armed services to protect us, daily putting their lives on the line, or those courageous nurses in Africa trying to prevent the spread of Ebola. One does not--or at least one should not--think of a millionaire sportsman who, as Ms Greer declares, may be presenting us with a gimmick to get his name in lights. This does not help other transgender people at all because he is NOT transgender if his male bits are in working order.
What will happen if he breeds again? Will the gullible fools of Middle America then begin proclaiming that a miracle has taken place--that a "woman" has got another woman up the duff? Do the world a favour, all you blue-rinse darlings. Buy yourselves a poodle, or join your local church homophobia group, if you haven't already.
Post-operative transgender is another matter. I have only respect for Lauren Harries and Kellie Mallone, though again in my opinion they would look much better if they did not overdo things where clothes are concerned. These have genuinely suffered an identity crisis, and need our support, though I have to agree with Ms Greer that they still are not "whole" women, for no other reason than they were born male.
Therefore I close in saying, "Bravo, Germaine Greer, the author of The Female Eunuch who recognises the fact that a he can't become a she unless he becomes a eunuch and has a bit more lopped off besides!"

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