Monday, 12 October 2015

Ched Evans Should Be Applauded For Fighting Back

I hate it when there's a case like this, and the victim--the celebrity--has his name dragged through the mud by some woman who, in many cases, is out to earn a few bob knowing that the man she's accusing has a few bob. I'm speaking from experience, and there are many others like me. Those who accuse need to be as clever as the one they accuse, and consistent with their stories--catch a weasel asleep and you pee in its ear. I took no prisoners. It was unfortunate that someone lost their job three weeks before his wedding, and that a woman had her children taken into care. They should weigh up their odds before launching into these things.

Having read up on this case, it's obvious that this woman would not have gone after Ched, had he been of the same class and in the same financial status as herself.

We have our Ched attackers, wielding their feminist hatchets. He's guilty, they say, having been deemed so by a judge and jury. Timothy Evans was deemed guilty, and hanged--and later deemed innocent.
If Ched is still deemed to be guilty after his appeal, then so be it and he has earned his punishment. But if he is deemed innocent, then the whole force of the legal system needs to be brought down on the shoulders of his accuser.

Revealed: New evidence that rapist Ched Evans believes will help him clear his name as he appeals conviction 

  • Private investigators have reportedly drawn up a case to clear Evans name 
  • They will claim 'significant inconsistencies' in the lifestyle of his victim
  • Are also expected to criticise police for not seizing crucial CCTV footage 
  • Last week the Criminal Cases Review Commission refereed the case to the Court of Appeal  

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  1. This opens up a can of worms which North Wales Police wish would go away. Ched was fitted up, now the truth is coming out at long last.

  2. There are so many opportunists around, some scrambling for pennies in the gutter by their own volition, and so envious to have what others have that attempting to ruin lives becomes second nature. Keep up the good work!