Thursday, 29 October 2015

Our Turtle Doves Need To Be Saved

I was alarmed watching BBC Breakfast that there are now four British birds on the danger list. I knew about puffins, but never realised that turtle doves--like Gordon--have been now added to this list. We've had a pair returning to us every year, and breeding in the garden--this year there were seven, so I like to think we're doing our part. They're fairly tame, and most mornings can be found sitting in a line outside the back door, or on the fence surrounding the compound. To us, they're the only migrants we want to see flocking into this country, and more needs to be done to protect them.

Monday, 26 October 2015

In Support Of Germaine Greer: If It Has A Penis, It's Male!

I'm wholly in support of Germaine Greer's televised comments to the very snooty Kirsty Walk. Ms Greer is one feminist that I admire. Like myself she does not hide behind fake Internet names--and anyone who is too cowardly to spout their hatred and prejudice under an alias is in my opinion of no worth whatsoever. For example, if you received an anonymous phone call from someone asking you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?
Radical feminists too cowardly to use their own names equate to the AIDS virus. You just don't know what you're dealing with. One, on Twitter, has posted an astonishing 27,000 times in just a few months. Say what you will, but that person cannot have much of a life. Currently I have produced three books and am on to the fourth--500 pages and over 250,000 words--of comments and screenshots made by one person alone about me. David Bret, Ched Evans and a handful of others are on some person's brain 24 hours a day. They post about no one but us. Were Ched and I to die, the lives of these people would convey no meaning.
And gullible people follow these mouths-like-barns like sheep. If one of these usually hideously ugly creatures went into Asda and saw a turnip which she thought looked like her Aunt Fanny, in next to no time she would be raising a petition for her 'followers' to boycott Asda, and they would oblige because they have no minds of their own. Much of this behaviour is on account of their personal lives--they don't have any. Almost all the feminists I have seen have had self-inflicted problems with the men in their lives. Because men have found them repulsive, they think the world would be better off without us!
Back to Germaine Greer, and a little lesson in anatomy. A woman is a creature who when in her prime possesses breasts for producing milk, and who has a vagina, and ovaries containing eggs to produce babies.
I feel disgusted that in today's world that a "Woman of the Year" award can to be given to a creature which is essentially a man in drag--a man who so far as I am aware has a penis and testicles which are in working order. Therefore a man who cannot in any way, shape or form can be described as a woman.
When one thinks "Woman of the Year", one recalls the likes of Gladys Aylward, Helen Keller and Mother Theresa--or any of the hundreds of young women fighting with the armed services to protect us, daily putting their lives on the line, or those courageous nurses in Africa trying to prevent the spread of Ebola. One does not--or at least one should not--think of a millionaire sportsman who, as Ms Greer declares, may be presenting us with a gimmick to get his name in lights. This does not help other transgender people at all because he is NOT transgender if his male bits are in working order.
What will happen if he breeds again? Will the gullible fools of Middle America then begin proclaiming that a miracle has taken place--that a "woman" has got another woman up the duff? Do the world a favour, all you blue-rinse darlings. Buy yourselves a poodle, or join your local church homophobia group, if you haven't already.
Post-operative transgender is another matter. I have only respect for Lauren Harries and Kellie Mallone, though again in my opinion they would look much better if they did not overdo things where clothes are concerned. These have genuinely suffered an identity crisis, and need our support, though I have to agree with Ms Greer that they still are not "whole" women, for no other reason than they were born male.
Therefore I close in saying, "Bravo, Germaine Greer, the author of The Female Eunuch who recognises the fact that a he can't become a she unless he becomes a eunuch and has a bit more lopped off besides!"

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wedding Anniversary Ironies

Tickled I am, on this day...our 43rd wedding anniversary, which my "second family" attempted to ruin by sending us a nifty little hate-filled anonymous letter, wishing us all the evil and harm in the world, and telling us in no uncertain terms that our marriage would not last. The letter is included in full in my autobiography--the copyright, legally, belongs to the one who sent it, but I very much doubt if she will ever come forward and admit it!
My "second" family, along with my own abusive father--still pretending to mourn the first wife he had driven to suicide the previous June--giving us just six months. One of my "second" siblings even got married on our wedding anniversary, and even O.B., my father, did not give that one his blessing, on one of the rare occasions that we spoke telling me that it had ended with a knife being found under the pillow--ALLEGEDLY, for that man could not lie straight in bed, though I think he may have been telling the truth on this occasion, for the tale hath many times been corroborated.
And the ones who said that our marriage would not last? Well--ALLEGEDLY--there was a union which ended in suicide, several more failed marriages and relationships, and a couple of prison sentences doled out for particularly heinous crimes. As for the "wicked stepmother" who persistently mocked my beautiful mother-in-law (when she was not doing Rob Wilton impressions and trying to out-knit one of those ladies who sat around the guillotine) by saying that she would end up "in the nut-house"...well, guess where she ended up!
Karma can be such a beautiful thing at times!


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Joey Stefano was NOT HIV positive

Some twit recently observed that I had made up the story that Joey was not HIV positive. I mean, why would I want to do that? I guess it's because some fanatics want their stars to be as they want them to be,  as opposed to being how they are. The fact that having AIDS added a little more clout to Joey's tragic story, as did the British tabloid reports back in in 1994 that "Madonna's boyfriend" aka Joey had committed suicide. Absolute cack!

As the story goes, Joey is supposed to have called a friend--Doug Smith, who was as reliable as a chocolate kettle--and announced that he had tested HIV positive in 1990, four years before he died. Does anyone actually believe that Joey could have called someone in the middle of the night, chatted for half an hour, and than said, "Oh, and by the way, I'm HIV positive!"? Absolute rot, as was Smith's story that Joey once "shot up" in a 4-star hotel, not in his room but on the stairs, and that people kept walking by and ignoring him, mindless of the fact that his arms were pouring blood? Or that he called a friend from outside a New York bar and said that he's taken an overdose--that the friend arrived four hours later to find him still slumped outside in a busy street, and than no one had called an ambulance? In fact, Joey was not even there! And who in their right mind would confess to finding Joey in a hotel room, unconscious with needles sticking out of both arms--then leave him there and go off shopping? Had that been true, someone would have found themselves arrested by the authorities and charged with neglect. Doug Smith later claimed that, days before he made his last film, Joey had a buzz-cut...yet in this he has shoulder-length hair. A picture of the dead Joey also did the rounds--this turned out to be one of him laid back on a deck-chair, with his eyes closed, and taken from one of his rare solo-scenes!

Has anyone also noticed that at the end of the otherwise excellent other biography of Joey that, in the final chapter, the author has while listing the events leading up to Joey's death, listed no less than THREE Sundays in one week and even got the date of his death wrong?

I could reel off a long list of at least 20 gay porn stars--two were Lon Fexx and Matt Gunther--who were tested positive at the same time as Joey. By September 1994, these poor boys were so thin and emaciated that they could barely function. Indeed, Matt was confined to a wheelchair. 

When Joey last appeared before a camera, he was beefier than ever--a robust 13 stones. I contacted the hospital where he died, along with the now retired registrar who issued his death certificate. Joey died of an accidental drugs overdose, but he was definitely NOT HIV positive. Neither was he tired of life. He had recently announced that he wanted to get married--indeed, he was engaged to be married, as he had been when we met--and have children.

Prior to this, on his last birthday--1 January 1994--Joey was reputed to have slashed his wrists in a hotel room. Again, I spoke to the now retired hotel staff, and was told that this story had been entirely fabricated--again by Doug Smith. To disprove this point, just one week after "the attempted suicide", director Sam Abdul filmed Joey and Tanner Reeves for "All About Last Night"--with Abdul's cameraman making a point of showing several close-ups of Joey's unblemished wrists.

I'm not sure whatever happened to Doug Smith--whether he ended up dead or derelict--but he certainly did his utmost to attempt ruin Joey's reputation, maybe not quite as badly as the demented "gay porn star turned holy man" Joseph Scambria.

Thankfully, he failed.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Ched Evans Should Be Applauded For Fighting Back

I hate it when there's a case like this, and the victim--the celebrity--has his name dragged through the mud by some woman who, in many cases, is out to earn a few bob knowing that the man she's accusing has a few bob. I'm speaking from experience, and there are many others like me. Those who accuse need to be as clever as the one they accuse, and consistent with their stories--catch a weasel asleep and you pee in its ear. I took no prisoners. It was unfortunate that someone lost their job three weeks before his wedding, and that a woman had her children taken into care. They should weigh up their odds before launching into these things.

Having read up on this case, it's obvious that this woman would not have gone after Ched, had he been of the same class and in the same financial status as herself.

We have our Ched attackers, wielding their feminist hatchets. He's guilty, they say, having been deemed so by a judge and jury. Timothy Evans was deemed guilty, and hanged--and later deemed innocent.
If Ched is still deemed to be guilty after his appeal, then so be it and he has earned his punishment. But if he is deemed innocent, then the whole force of the legal system needs to be brought down on the shoulders of his accuser.

Revealed: New evidence that rapist Ched Evans believes will help him clear his name as he appeals conviction 

  • Private investigators have reportedly drawn up a case to clear Evans name 
  • They will claim 'significant inconsistencies' in the lifestyle of his victim
  • Are also expected to criticise police for not seizing crucial CCTV footage 
  • Last week the Criminal Cases Review Commission refereed the case to the Court of Appeal  

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pete Sutcliffe: Still Worth A MIllion Of Some Of The Creeps That I Know

Here's Pete again, plastered all over the tabloids--who care less about the public well than they do about a good story, and the opportunity to roll out the same tired roster of epithets.
We KNOW he's evil, and even I said when he was arrested--when I recognised him--that I would be willing to tie the noose around his neck. But this country has laws. He, Brady, Hindley and their ilk should have received the ultimate punishment, but the law decreed otherwise. As such, whether some like it or not, if he's ill he has to receive the same treatment as any other patient.
Today I'm reading stories from various hospital spokespeople--never named, of course--that he should be left to suffer. Doctors may think such things, but it's more than their careers are worth to make public comments. Therefore consider the statements made up--probably uttered by a woman cleaning the corridor.
I have written a book about Pete and me. I have been criticised for knowing him, on more than one occasion by members of my family who should know better, particular as they have their own horror stories to tell.
But how can you be criticised for knowing someone, years before they committed a crime, at a time when they seemed perfectly normal and rational? Pete was very close to my mother, and to me--he sent flowers to her funeral. More than this I will not say extant of the book. So, let's take a look at those people who live in glass houses and throw stones...
How did my father know, when he married for the first time in 1948, that his best man--his name was Steven Collier--would, a few years down the line, be arrested for having sex with a cow?
How did my father know, when he married for the second time in 1972, that two members of the new family that he was fond of, and who seemed quite normal at the time, would in a few years time be sent to prison for very serious sex crimes?
Did we have crystal balls to gaze into the future? No, we didn't. And although I loathed the old bastard, I am pretty certain what his reaction would have been, the same as it was when he found out that Pete Coonan was in fact The Yorkshire Ripper.
Some years ago, a celebrated actress friend pulled the string to get me visitation rights to see Pete. I never went through with it. The man I had held very dear had become a monster. My reaction towards him when meeting him would have been unpredictable, to say the least--particularly as my own wife was one of those he is believed to have attacked.
Even so, I still consider Pete worth a million of the stalkers who have hounded me over the years. They only ever wanted to wish me and my family harm--Pete wanted only to protect us. Will I weep when he dies? Probably, despite what he went on to do. Will I weep if any of these other genuine monsters dies, as happened recently with one particular thorn in the side? Certainly--with laughter and relief.
Until then, don't moan about Pete getting so much attention when no one would have known about that hospital visit if the tabloids had not been obsessed with following his every move--for no reason than to get a good story.

Ripper out

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sick killer in NHS trip with cuffs off                    

Stroll in the sun ... Peter Sutcliffe
Stroll in the sun ... Peter Sutcliffe