Friday, 4 September 2015

Using A Dead Child As Propaganda For The Migrant Crisis

It's one of the most tragic images we have seen in years. A dead child lying on a beach, where we are told he has been washed up, drowned.
We are also told that his family were migrants, en route for Canada to start a better life.

The world has fallen for the biggest piece of propaganda thus far in the migrants crisis...and UKIP and others are being lambasted for speaking the truth. If you study ALL the video and pictures, you will see that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Much more will also be revealed over the coming weeks.
Let me say too that, as a member of the Labour Party, I have parliamentary friends and acquaintances from ALL the political parties. I am by no means the only one. Many of us do not always agree on our respective policies.
To begin with, this family was not suffering, and neither were they poor. They were not escaping from Syria as they had been living in Turkey for three years, and were not under any threat. It's a bit like the supermarket giving away free packets of cornflakes--someone might not like cornflakes, but as they're free they might as well have a packet. So, out of greed, they tried to augment the flow of the ones who are genuinely in need of help, and in doing so paid the ultimate price.
Watching the scenes in Calais, and latterly in Hungary--and having twice been in the thick of such a scenario--one finds it hard to discern which is genuine, and which is a scrounger out to take advantage of our generous benefits system. Watch the newsreels and you will see  a wealth of designer clothes and gear, and very costly mobile phones--hardly what one would expect from those who claim to be starving.
There are of course the genuine refugees who should be helped. Ideally they could be placed in camps, cared for and fed and, once the "mighty Western powers" have eradicated the reason for them fleeing in the first place, they should be sent back to where they came from knowing that henceforth they will be safe.
As for those who may be proved to be scroungers, they should be left to fend for themselves and take whatever Fate has in store for them by way of their own making.

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