Thursday, 3 September 2015

Migrant Crisis: Time For The UK To Get Out Of Europe

Call me cynical ~ and chuck a few bricks at me for saying aloud what many are thinking but too gutless to say. It's very sad when a child dies, but many migrants have died during this crisis and I cannot help but think that the images we are seeing of this little boy are being used not to mourn one of many, but as propaganda to shock a caring nation ~ Britain ~ into accepting thousands of unwanted lodgers when we cannot even afford to look after some of our own people.
I've recently become a member of the Labour Party ~ lob a few more bricks ~ and though I support one of the contenders for the leadership, I cannot help but think ~ call me cynical again ~ that they too may be using these same images to gain votes.
In the last election, I supported Nigel Farage ~ so I can now be called a turncoat ~ because I believed in his policies where migration is concerned, and still do.
Turkey, where the little boy was washed up ~ and now I'll be really controversial and question whether or not this picture was actually staged to invoke outrage and pity, not that I do not believe this poor child died ~ is a mostly Muslim country. They do not want these migrants, so they pass them on to someone else who also does not want them. England is the last leg of the journey because the sea gets in the way.
Why, I would like to know, is Britain criticised because the majority of its people does not want to be Europe's mug? If the rest of Europe is so concerned about these people, why don't they club together and get rid of those ~ by whatever means ~ who are causing them to flee their countries in the first place?
The person I am actively supporting wants to allow 10,000 migrants into Britain. Fair enough, but before you can shake a stick there'll be another 10,000 waiting in the shadows, then another, then another. Eventually, the ship that is the UK will become full to overflowing, and it will sink, taking everyone with it.
Nigel Farage may not be everyone's cup of tea, for no other reason than he says what needs to be said, and he is right about one thing ~ we need to get out of Europe and leave them to clear up the mess they have made of Britain.

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