Tuesday, 22 September 2015

In Support Of Austin Armacost In His Fight With Janice Dickinson

I am wholly in support of Austin's outburst the other night, when he called Janice Dickinson a c**t. I know what it's like to be pushed too far by a viper-tongued harridan whose only goal in life is to draw attention to herself at the expense of others. Sometimes they go so far that you end up saying what you shouldn't, and what you wouldn't normally say. The fact that it's a woman of a certain age makes no difference. They dish it out, but they don't like getting a taste of their own medicine. And in the end they finish up despised, and with nothing to show for their existence but the hatred they spew.
I find Janice Dickinson vile. It's been observed that she may be cuckoo and eccentric, but I don't believe this. It's all part of her game. She's a nasty, vituperative, foul-mouthed old wretch who makes a living out of upsetting most of the people she encounters on one reality show after another. If she thinks a young man should not talk to a woman like that, then she should remember that no decent woman should have the vocabulary of a docker on leave, as she does. She is disgusting.
Equally disgusting in my opinion is James Hill. For three weeks he has shared a bed, platonically, with Austin. They have engaged in horseplay, man-tub chats, and have declared such brotherly love as I have rarely seen. And then James goes and stabs him in the back by nominating him! With friends like that, who needs enemies?
I'm surprised that James' "secret" has not been exposed on Big Brother. He certainly would not be as popular with the other housemates if they knew what's been written about him in the press. I liked him at first, but his recent behaviour has proved him to be extremely devious, not just towards Austin but towards Jenna Jameson. I just hope that those two don't leave tonight, and I certainly do not want James The Snake to win. 

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