Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hugues Vassal Photographe d'Edith Piaf: Vous Répétez Comme Un Oignon Mariné

In other words, Monsieur Vassal, you're starting to get on our tits--and I speak for others besides myself!

Let me explain. Hugues Vassal was one of Piaf's last photographers--and a very fine photographer he was too, striking while the iron was hot, so to speak, during her final years.

I have some of his pictures in the new Piaf Centenary book, which I hasten to add were not cheap to hire, though one of them has never been published before.

However, in recent days the illustrious Monsieur Vessie has been making a bit of a nuisance of himself, buzzing around websites and groups like an elderly wasp with a very nasty sting in its tail. Yesterday, I counted the same phrase--"Are you authorised to use this photograph?"--an astonishing 103 times, indeed after every picture of Piaf on two particular sites. Agreed, some of the pictures were his, but some were not.

This is the INTERNET, Monsieur Vessie! If every copyright owner were to bellyache as you have every time someone posts a picture, there would be NO Facebook--in fact there would be no Internet! With books, of course, it's different, We have to get permission, pay our fees, and acknowledge the photographer. But who is going to waste time running around asking people of they can post this and that? Your phone would never stop ringing and your email service would go into overdrive and explode!

So stop acting like a cad, Monsieur Vessie, and allow Piaf's fans--who are much more important than you and I, who are mere servants of her legacy--to enjoy looking at her. And be grateful that someone appreciates your great work! 

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