Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why Does The UK Government Waste Money On Ted Heath, Etc?

The UK is stuck in the middle of a recession--prices going up all the time, wages remaining static. Losses of £750,000 a day because food contaminated by "dirty migrants" has to be thrown away--so we are told. Millions spent trying to stop the papers writing about scandals, which only makes them write more about scandals. Millions spent looking for one missing child when there are hundreds of others. I guess it has to be done. The police even spent £90,000 investigating me because of a comment I was accused of making about some silly biddy--she's close to death, allegedly, so that will make a pretty good spoof book. And the compensation came in handy, not to mention the publicity! But just think how many starving children £90,000 would have fed, just to satisfy someone's ego and see a policeman lose his job weeks before his wedding!
But Lord Janner and Edward Heath--one claims to be cuckoo when it allegedly suits him, and the other is dead. And all that money wasted because someone did or didn't call someone a pleb. 
Why WASTE money trying to find out if our former prime minister liked bumming boys? What are they going to do if he's guilty--dig up his bones and bury them under a prison yard? 
There are TOO many of these cases. Savile, Leon Brittan, Heath. The authorities have known for years about the activities of these perverts, but they ALWAYS wait until they are dead before taking any action. It all has to do with money. And power. Had they arrested Savile, Brittan and Heath when they were kiddie-fiddling, they would of course have blabbed about others--such as the ones we also have known about for years, and who are very much alive.
You'll see, when "so-and-so" and "thingy" die, they'll all come crawling out from under the sideboard and say, "Shock announcement--he was a nonce!" And everyone will pretend to be surprised. These people need to be exposed NOW. They won't, of course.

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