Thursday, 20 August 2015

Disgraceful That The UK Should Pay To Send These Migrants Home!

This is absolutely disgraceful. Why on earth should WE pay? The Italians and the Greeks should be made to dip into their pockets whether it bankrupts their country or not. After all, they didn't want them and shoved them over their borders to let someone else deal with them. As for that arrogant Mayor of Calais and her deputy, they should be packed off to warmer climes with them.
Oh, and regarding my stalker--larrydavid1sgod--who tweets daily and only about me, if they could kindly shove this piece of vermin inside the hold of the plane and drop it into the ocean, I might chip in with the fare.

British taxpayers will fork out £7MILLION to fly Calais migrants back home

BRITISH taxpayers will fork out more than £7MILLION to pay for migrants to be flown back to their home countries from Calais, Theresa May has announced.

Britain will pay £7m to send Calais migrants back home GETTY
Britain will pay £7m to send Calais migrants back home

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