Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Cilla Black:Thank You, Australia!

The last full breakfast show I did in Australia attracted 6 million listeners, but I assumed it was because the subject was Elizabeth Taylor. Before that, the shows focused on Edith Piaf, and Rudolph Valentino's gay life which saw me getting less, though the Valentino biography was serialised there and a big hit. They like my posh English voice, they say! Well, it's not that posh!

The Cilla show brought in even more listeners than the Liz one, even though Cilla was largely forgotten Down Under until they picked up on the phenomenal amount of press coverage her death has attracted here in the UK. I'm also surprised that so many people are not in bed at such an ungodly hour--apparently, Australia is a land of early risers, though the show also covered much of the Southern hemisphere, even reaching as far as Japan. I'm just happy that I've done my little bit to keep Cilla's memory going. 

So, thank you Australia--and here's to the next one in December!

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