Friday, 7 August 2015

Cilla Black, Liz Kershaw And The Daily Star

I frequently ask myself why some people--who are inherently rotten as a maggot-infested carcass inside and more than occasionally dismal failures in both their private and professional lives--should be the first to attack those members of our society who have spent their entire lives inspiring others. My current stalker is one "larrydavid1sgod", whose identity I know, and who I would very much like to contract some kind of incurable disease which would result in a very slow, prolonged and agonising demise. Check out this Scottish monster with one follower to peruse the obsession that it has for me. To piss on its grave would be a thorough waste of urine.
But, to the subject of this post...
There is no disputing that Cilla Black is and will remain a national treasure. I would venture to say that the love the British people have for her equates to the love they nurtured for Princess Diana. There has been such an outpouring of grief over her death--even the usually poisonous tabloids praised her for a few days before turning to what they do best--spewing vitriol and displaying an acute lack of respect, as happened yesterday in The Sun, mindless of the anguish that her family is going through. Neither does it take an Einstein to see what they may be hinting at'

Katie Hopkins I have dealt with--she's just a frumpy loudmouth that everyone loves to hate, and as I said before, as much as I admired her for putting Perez Hilton in his place, there are times when she goes too far. And go too far she always will while people offer her a platform to do so.

Today, the Star newspaper bemoans Liz Kershaw's "shocking rant" where she compares the outpouring of grief over Cilla's death to that of Jimmy Savile--but it blasts it across its front page anyhow. And having the names "Cilla Black" and "Jimmy Savile" in the SAME headline is to me the most poisonous announcement I've read since the comments made by the tabloids upon the deaths of Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury--and believe me, those headlines were VILE.

Anyone reading today's headline in the Star, and not the article itself, will jump to one conclusion only. It's unforgivable.

Liz Kershaw is a hideously ugly woman--on the inside even more so--who resembles an ancient ferret sucking snot off a nettle. Like many ugly women, she makes up for her hideousness by making comments about a star who was as loved as I should imagine Kershaw will now be loathed. In her 72 years, the nearest Cilla ever got towards creating a scandal was when she once dropped an egg on her kitchen floor. Three years ago, Kershaw was involved--I will say allegedly--in a very nasty scandal. I won't repeat it here in case the vituperative old harridan decides to sue me. Just check out her Wikipedia and--well, just about every article on her.
In the meantime, if you don't have anything good to say about a good and much adored icon, shut the **** up!

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