Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cilla Black: As Expected After The Tributes, The Gutter Rags Reports

I've always equated tabloid reporters to homophobes and racists--if one of them dies tragically, something I have wished for persistently since one of the trash-brigade tried to nab me, you just put another nickel in the nickelodeon and you think one down, a few more to go and put the kettle on. I wouldn't even bother with obsequies--just chuck him or her on the nearest muck-heap and let the maggots do their work. After all, they would only be chewing away at one of their own.
Earlier this week we had all the glowing "national treasure" tributes, and I predicted that by the weekend we would end up with all the smut. And as always, The Sun leads the Disrespect Brigade with a headline I won't repeat because I loved this wonderful woman, and wouldn't swap a thousand of these trashy hacks for one of her delicately painted fingernails.
So to the persons who wrote this I say, "You insensitive morons, Cilla hasn't even been buried yet. Her family are grieving, as are her millions of fans. Show some respect."
They won't, of course. And by the weekend their stories will become more puerile--and a tissue of lies because, of all the people I have written about, Our Cilla is the only one who has NEVER been involved in a scandal.

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