Monday, 10 August 2015

Cameron And Hammond's Comments About Illegal Migrants ARE Appropriate

It's sickening to watch these people every evening on the news. Yet to say we don't want them in the UK makes us racist? Absolute tosh! It's the ones who call us racist who are racist--against people living in their own country. The situation is so bad--£7 million for a fence to keep them out--that we Brits are bound to get hot under the collar.

David Cameron used the word "swarming". That's exact. Every time you see them they come swarming out of the shadows, like shit-flies hovering around a rotting carcass.

Philip Hammond used the word "marauding". Well, what other word can you use do describe people who crawl out of the bushes lining that long road from Calais Ville to the port--some of whom would cut your throat and steal your possessions as soon as look at you?

The situation is so bad that most of us do not care what happens to them. They came across from Africa and landed in Italy and Greece, who did not want them. So they swarmed across the border into Germany, who also did not want them. Then they marauded across France, and they did not want them. And by the way, that Deputy Mayor of Calais is some piece of work. Wherever these marauders swarm off to next, they should take him with them! So now they are hovering around the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, risking life and limb to get across to us where our soft touch benefits system will offer them a life of Riley while not knowing if they're riddled with disease. Were this the other way round--were Brits trying to swarm their way over the border into Syria, the goons there would be using them as target practice. I'm not suggesting that for one moment. 

All over Africa, lions are eating antelope. It's called Nature. Send these parasites back to where they came from, and if Nature takes it course, so be it.

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