Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Chinese And Their Despicable Treatment Of Animals

I fell out with the Chinese after visiting a restaurant in Paris and asking for the key for the toilet--on either side of the urinal was a wicker basket of baguettes.

I forgave them when they published Elizabeth Taylor and it went to Number One over there.

Last week, watching all those films of them boiling dogs alive brought me to the conclusion that they are NOT worthy of being considered members of the human race. Okay, so if they must be disgusting and eat dogs, for whatever reason, there is no reason why they should boil them alive. And before some old tosser--of whom there are many out there--starts wailing "Racist", this has nothing to do with the colour of their skin. Neither is their cruelty restricted to killing dogs alive. Today I have watched a film of a "master cook" de-scaling, gutting and cooking a fish in such a way that it was still alive and wriggling when it reached the table of gurning customers. Then I've seen a video of them putting live turtles inside plastic bubbles and selling them as key-chains.

The coup de grace was a huge table filled with the feet they have chopped off bears, their theory being that these have aphrodisiac qualities--as if there aren't enough cruel Chinese people in the world without them coming up with some barking mad scheme that we want more of them! Maybe a better idea would be for them to start eating one another!

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