Sunday, 19 July 2015

So Upset At Seeing Hero Cricketer Alistair Cook Photographed With Dead Deer

I won't post a picture of this--others have done so, it's upsetting, and there are way too many pictures of people grinning over the corpses of innocent animals they have killed, all they say in the name of sport.

The latest is of cricketer Alistair Cook--a real hero of mine, a man to whom I would very definitely have given my last Rolo.

The picture is of him with a gun in one hand, and a dead baby deer all bloody and slumped in front of him. The caption reads that the deers he kills are in enclosures from which they cannot escape. 

Alistair, you have shattered the dreams and illusions of many of your fans who will never forgive you for this, many of whom will probably now turn their backs on you.

You're a beautiful and very gifted man. So, why spoil it all now?

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